Friday, 16 September 2011

Hobson's choice !!!

How good we are in making decisions ?!?! Really a complicated question, isn't it !??! But decisions are vital in every stage of our life !!! In this post we have seen some cases where people struggle in making decisions !!!

Frankly speaking, we people are more happy when there is no choice !!!

Let me tell you a daily life example !!! We are about to board a bus !!! Bus is totally free !!! We people would get into the bus and select a seat !!! After an instant, we think something and shift to next seat !!! Then again we change the seat with some other reasons !!! This keep on happening until the bus is filled !!!

Imagine if the bus is filled and only one seat is left !!! We will rush there and settle !!!

We are more comfortable in second option than in first option !!! Hope many of you would have faced the similar situations in your life too !!!

There is a phenomenon called Hobson's Choice !!! It is very simple !!! Offering only one option !!! You have nothing else to confuse with !!!The phenomenon is named so after Mr. Thomas Hobson !!!

In many occasion, we take long time to take decision !!! In some cases, even there will be no need to take decision by the time we think of coming out with a decision !!!

For example, we are confused whether to go home for Diwali or not !!! We consult many people, family members and spent considerable time in collecting opinions !!! So when we come out with concrete decision, there won't be any ticket availability for reaching home !!! So naturally we have to drop our plan !!!

There are numerous cases like this in our life !!! Generally the basic reason for this is considering too many parameters and the fear that our decision should not go wrong !!!

It is also proved that an illiterate takes much stable and quicker decision than scholar !!! Also there is a fact that all decisions taken by scholars are not perfect !!! They too make wrong decisions, even after considering several parameters !!!

Finally, take your time for making decisions; but don't wait for decision to happen itself !!!

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