Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The source !!!

There are two things involved in any process !!! One is Source and another is Effect !!! Acting on source is more efficient than acting on effect !!! But many of us fail to realize this !!! This post is all about the source !!!

The question HOW is plays an important role in identifying a source !!! Now lets see an example !!!

Many of us watch movies !!! Assume we are in a movie of our favourite actor !!! We are enjoying most of the movie even when the movie is has nothing new in it !!!

Now Assume we are in a conference or a technical lecture !!! Even the lecture is on the grounds of our expertise, we feel sleepy !!!

Have we ever asked why ?!!? Why do we sleep in lectures ?!!?!?

A research was done on this !!! It was found that many people sleep when a lecture or some religious speech is delivered !!! The same people are awake when their girl friend or favourite person speaks !!!

The reason is - Fulfilling the expectations !!!

Whenever there is a lecture, our inner mind always prays to God for free period !!! We are not interested !!! Our expectation is when will the class end !!?!? So even if God Saraswathi comes and teaches, those people won't listen !!!

The same guy asks for notes from his friends during exam time !!! Because at that instant his expectation is a pass mark !!! So he concentrates on lectures of his friends and hence he passes !!!

But very few parents have discovered the expectations of their kids !!! Instead, they enforce their expectations on their kids also !!!

This is the reason we have lot many educated fools with us !!! Those people are the missiles launched in wrong areas !!! They are unidentified resources !!!

And there are some gifted category of people who are more involved in their knowledge development even without any educational background !!!

India has lot many examples of both these categories !!! We never think about understanding the expectations of the individual !!! Instead we try in attacking effect !!! We arrange for special classes, guest lectures and many many !!! But we never try to boost the moral of the individual !!!

I think this is where we lag !!! This post is never ending !!! Please share your views on this unending post !!!

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