Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Thermodynamics = Bhagavad Gita !!!

Generally many of us think science and spiritual are different subjects !!! But there are numerous coordination between them !!! I request every one of you to read this post without any religious feelings !!!

Thermodynamics law says -  "Energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed" !!!

It means, energy never decays it just transforms from one form to another !!!

Now come to Bhagavad Gita - "What is your's today was somebody's else yesterday and will be somebody's else tomorrow" !!!

This means the same as thermodynamic states !!! Anything which we have today is never going to be decayed !!! There is nothing till date that man has created !!! But there are many things that we invented !!! Invention is different from creation !!!

I recently attended a training program, where the trainer asked us about waste !!! What is waste ?!!?

Actually speaking, there is nothing like waste in this world !!! Something which is waste for you is resource for me !!! Time, Cost and effort decides the waste !!!

Few years before the gold merchants used to pour the water which they used to analyze the gold !!! That time price of Gold was less, hence this water was considered as waste !!! But now, price of gold has rocketed !!! So people are not ready to waste that water !!!

The reason for this change was: Generally that water was said to have some particles of gold !!! But retrieving gold from water is a costlier process !!! Hence it was avoided at first !!! But now, since cost of gold is still more higher this process has become cheaper now !!!

Yesterday's waste has become today's resource !!! Ultimately now, waste can neither be created, nor be destroyed !!!

This could be applied to anything in our life !!! There is a cyclic process happening all the time !!!

This is the same which Bhagad Gita says !!! You buy a new pen !!! Write using it !!! Once it gets empty, dispose it !!! What was your pen today was manufacturer's pen yesterday and its an input for recycler tomorrow !!!

This is applicable even to our soul and body !!! Our body is made of all 5 elements of earth !!! When we die, these elements gets back to the original place, from where they originate !!! Soul remains as such and occupies another body !!!

Again, this is same as mentioned in Thermodynamics and Bhagavd Gita !!!

Its just for you to correlate science and spirituality !!! I am not a scholar in both of these fields, but just thought of sharing my ideas !!!

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