Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Water bottles !!!

Water is the elixir of life !!! We all depend on water for survival !!! Is our drinking water pure and safe !?!? We just have an idea that all bottled water are safe !!! This post is to give you a basic ideas about the water bottles used in our house !!!

We people have a perception that drinking in a water bottle is stylish !!! Probably it may give you a rich look, but in now ways it is better !!!

There is no water bottle which is 100% safe (there are very few exemptions and those water bottles are not at all used in India) !!! We people generally use the water bottles of Aquafina, Bisleri or any packaged water bottle for storing water bottle !!!

If you just take a close look at it, you will realize the problem !!! Those bottles are intended for one time use !!! They are just made of petroleum products, which are highly dangerous to our health !!! When we use that bottle in extreme cold or hot conditions, there are more and more probability to get affected !!!

Increase in usage of these bottles result in price hikes of petroleum products !!! We people never worry about this !!! To be honest, many of us are not aware of these factor even !!!

Generally PET bottles are recommended for storing water !!! But we just avoid them, because of the cost involved in them !!! These bottles costs bit more than cheap plastic bottles !!!

Many of us would have experienced a smell in water !!! This happens mainly due to storage of water in cheap plastic bottles !!! These bottles release some chemical components which easily reacts with water, producing odour !!!

Even shocking news is that, many restaurants uses water bottles which were scrapped !!! They collect water bottles from garbage even !!! This could be avoided only when we avoid using these bottles !!!

How many of us crush the bottle after use !??! Probably one out of ten !!! Others just throw the bottle out !!! There are also some middle class people who are unaware about the properties of bottle !!! These people used to collect the bottle with them for future use !!! These people are direct victims !!!

Studies says that, using these water bottles for prolonged period could even result in cancer !!! Because there is a carcinogenic substance present in these water bottles, which could easily involve in reaction with water !!!

This is all for the day !!! Now ball is in your court !!! When ever you go for purchasing water bottles, think about the hike in petroleum products and also carcinogenic threat !!! The other alternative in your hand is purchase a PET bottle and fill it when ever you get a chance !!!

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