Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Something to Amaze !!!

It is always good to hear about one's success or achievements !!! Indeed, praising makes us feel motivated and work better !!! But how many of us know about some greatest innovators of today and their respective innovations !?!?

Recently I was talking with my colleague !!! That time he showed me a video and asked me to watch it !!! I could not control my excitement at the end of the video !!! To be very honest, I watched that video without knowing that he is an Indian !!! But on knowing it, I really got confidence that we are marching in right track !!!

I am not an expert in science or technology to explain the content of the video, so please help yourself by clicking here !!!

No wonder, Mr. Pranav Mistry has just created a Mystery !!! I request readers to please continue the post, after watching the link above !!! I guarantee, its worth watching !!!

He is an IITian !!! He has reached MIT university and he is now creating revolution in merging technology with reality !!! Great attempt !!!

To be very honest, I have seen all these only in fiction movies !!! Our directors used to give God or Rajni with such powers always !!! But this guy brings it to reality !!! That too in affordable cost !!!

If I ask people to guess the cost of entire set up (shown above) you may definitely end up with wrong figures !!! Because all those costs only $200 !!! Cheaper than Mobile phones with 3g technology !!!

But now let me come to the point !!! This presentation was given in 2009 !!! Hardly two years before !!! How many of us know it !??! To confess, I don't know about him till yesterday !!!

Where gone our 24 hours TV channels !?!? Probably only few technical magazine would have covered it !!! But is it what for he is fighting for !?!? His ultimate aim is to bring this product down to common man !!! But unless common man knows about it, how could he be benefited ?!?!!?

There are lot of people like him in India !!! Developed countries fear on us by seeing these people only !!! At least, we need to identify them !!! Learn from them !!! Take them as inspiration !!! Really they enjoy something from the subject, which we think as burden !!!

I request media to share knowledge of such people to common public !!! There are crores of students in villages and towns searching for inspiration !!! They may be really benefited !!! They will also start believing in themselves that we can also achieve !!! Till date I know only about Mr. A. P .J. Kalam, but there are lot more inspiration guys !!!

I request readers to share the linked video in social networks !!! At least we can use this media for win-win situation !!!

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