Thursday, 15 September 2011

Three categories !!!

Character varies from one person to another !!! But some times same person's character changes with the personnel they are with !!! This post is a detail research about character and its strength !!!

Let me start with a story !!! Once a saint was bathing in a river !!! He saw a scorpion striving for its life !!! He renders his hand to help scorpion !!! Scorpion sting his hand !!! Saint was again and again trying to help and the scorpion kept on stinging !!!

One person who noticed all these, asked saint - "You know that scorpion is stinging, then why you are helping it ?!!? Let it die !!!" The reply by saint was tremendous !!! He said " The scorpion has not lost its character of stinging even at this stage, why should I loose the human tendency of helping ?!?!"

There are still people like this in this World !!! But we people are something different !!! We live as shades of others !!!

Everyone in this World can be studied under three categories !!!

1. People who remain untouched with environment !!!
2. People who change with environment !!!
3. People who change environment positively !!!

There will be a person in every office who never accept bribes or involve in any malpractices !!! He never changes himself or try to change the environment !!! He just remain himself !!! He is least influenced by others !!! This type of people are minority !!!

We prepare a lot to get a Government job !!! We enter the office with a dream of achieving something !!! But once we see the attitude of our colleagues, we stop working !!! This type of people are more !!! These people fall under category two !!! They live as shadows of others !!!

Very few people fight for change !!! If they find anything to be changed, they stand up and raise their voice for it !!! They strive to bring in positive change !!!

Let me finish off with a small story !!! A boy took a stone and aimed a mango !!! He was able to make the mango fall !!! But the mango along with stone fell into a ditch !!!

Now the stone which fell into ditch remain unchanged even after years !!! These are people of first category !!! They never try to make a change !!!

The mango which fell in starts degrading !!! It looses its potential and become cheaper !!! This can be referred with people of second category !!!

The seed of mango which strives and comes out as a plant in the ditch is comparable to third category people !!!

It is now up to you to become stone or mango or seed !!!

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