Saturday, 1 October 2011

Cylinder - Rs. 2000, Petrol Rs. 140 !!!

Cost of any product depends on its demand in market !!! When demand goes up, naturally cost goes high !!! Number of vehicles in London is multiple folds than the number of vehicles in India - even then we pay more for fuel !!!

Now coming to the topic - a single LPG cylinder is sold for Rs. 2000 and one litter of petrol is sold for Rs. 140 !!! This is the price in Manipur - a state in North Eastern India !!!

As I said, when demand is directly proportional to value of the product !!! People have blocked National Highway road connecting manipur to rest of India to show their protest !!! They want Sadhar Hill area to be declared as revenue district !!!

Is this a good move !?!?!?

Of course fighting for their right is never wrong !!! And most importantly I have no idea about their problems, so I am in no position to comment on their purpose of protest !!! But all what I feel is for the way they protest !!!

It is like cutting the branch of the tree on which we are sitting !!! They themselves terminated their connection with rest of India !!! The commodities in the state are gradually decreasing !!! People don't realize it !!! Black marketers are benefited by these protest !!!

The same petrol which is around Rs. 71 in other parts of India is around Rs. 140 there !!! LPG are also sold at very high price !!! Now my question is are they pressurizing Government or themselves ?!!?!?

Really we have to learn the art of protesting from Japanese !!!

Assume there is an issue regarding salary hike of employees !!! Our labours may call for strike and will sit outside the factory !!! Hence demand of the product will raise and also company owner will assume that he has a vacation to enjoy !!! Because he knows that he could increase the price once strike is withdrawn !!!

But in Japan, People enter the company and keep on working !!! They keep on working till the management accepts to their demand !!! Suppose it is a shoe company, they will manufacture Left leg shoes during strike period !!! That too in huge quantity !!! What will company do with left shoe alone ?!?!

Now the management is forced to make some decision !!! They also fear that the demand for their product may go down because their products are available in huge numbers in market !!!

Now it is up to us to decide the way we protest !!!

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