Monday, 17 October 2011

Earphone !!!

To be very honest, I visited Chennai after a long gap. I am really shocked to see the way the city youngsters travel. I do agree, South Indians are more attracted towards fun and entertainment. But ultimately we cannot risk our life for enjoyment or fun.

Yes - I am talking about earphones. Near about 80 - 85% of students and people of mid 30's use earphones almost all times.

I am not going to talk about the chronic usage of earphones, of course people are very much aware about it. Even mobile companies claim that they manufacture mobile phones only for communication purpose and not for listening songs or other stuff. They have also given in written that doing such activities will reduce the lifetime of battery.

Leave it apart. Now lets come to day to day hindrance one face because of earphones.

If you are well inside the bus, preferably have a seat to sit - you have all privilege to listen to FM.

Even hierarchy of needs say that physical needs are the first expectation of any human. Then comes his security needs. The third level comes social needs and entertainments.

We people travel in foot board of buses listening songs, many even drive vehicles listening to FM. The appeal they make is both of their hands are free. Gentleman and Women, hands are used to control your drive - accepted. But control to our body parts comes from brain. And ultimately our brain will not have full concentration on road while listening songs.

I could very well remember few incidents. When a fast song is played, speed of vehicle increases and body movements of people in foot board is more. This is proven, psychologically.

Listening in speaker mode is even a distraction but it is many times less than hearing through earphone.

If you don't believe just use your earphone and try writing a paragraph about what you did from morning. And also try doing the same when you listen song in speaker mode.

In all probability, we need to concentrate more in case of using earphones.

Parents, its time for you to react. You need to demonstrate yourself as a role model in this regard. At the end of the day, its the dream you have on your children. They are the ones you live for. Some silly mistakes may ruin their carrier. Advise them, counsel them and help them getting rid from such a problem.

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