Friday, 28 October 2011

Are we Lazy ?!?!

From the day one, we people act lazy. Though this statement looks bit rough, it is the universal fact. Laziness is not always too bad. Indeed, laziness is the pushing force behind innovation.

People felt lazy to walk - they invented cycle. They felt lazy to pedal - they came up with bike. This cycle will never end.

We always want best output with less input or zero strain. For example, if you give me two options - one to write exam and pass and other is sit in home and get certificate.

What will I prefer !?!? Obviously with the first one. This is because of our laziness.

Though laziness leads to innovations, it also leads to short cuts and breaking of rules too.

Many many road accidents today are because of small laziness in people. I feel lazy to go around and make a U turn, hence I opt to travel in wrong side of the road. Ultimately it is going to result in accident.

We people also have one mentality. If I travel in wrong direction twice and escaped without any injury, I started feeling that this is the right way.

If someone instructs me it is wrong, I teach them that I am using this way for past many years and has never end up with accidents.

Day by day, laziness has got embedded in our life. Sleeping for more time makes us travel more than the desired speed on road. This increases the probability of the accident.

Gentleman, remember one thing. If you are alone lazy, you could escape from accident. But we all are lazy. Hence expect few more lazy guys who are about to be like you (traveling fast on roads). Laziness is a component of life, but it should not be a life alone.

Many of our police people face this problem. The second thing is, we always demand enforcement people to be like God. That is they should never commit mistakes. If a police man travels in wrong side of the road, we see it as a biggest crime (though it is our practice to break the rules)

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