Monday, 31 October 2011

Nuclear power - Some facts !!!

The hot topic in our country is Nuclear power. Many people oppose it and many support it. But the sad part is we people oppose or support because our friends does. Indeed, many of us don't even take effort to educate us in this regard. We have made some efforts in bringing readers some fact about  nuclear power.

First of all, Government projects that production cost of a unit (using nuclear power) is somewhere around Rs. 2 - Rs. 2.50.

The reason why they select this mode of power is because solar energy costs Rs. 20/ unit. Renewable power are generally more costlier. This is what government projects.

Now coming to the reality, Opposition people states that only maintenance cost is considered in the production cost. Government has projected faulty figure (low amount) to convince people to accept this project.

Somewhere around 6 Lak liters of water is needed for nuclear power plant everyday. No one is ready to release what was the cost considered for per liter of water.

Secondly, Japan power plant (which faced disaster) was built as per 1st generation technology. But India follows 3rd generation technology. More advance and more safer.

Reactor (in koodangulam) was placed at the height of 8.7M from sea level. During tsunami, waves rose up only to 2.7M. Also it is very closer to coastal areas and ports(two ports).

Now coming to seismic level. Seismic level denotes the vulnerability of a place to earthquake. Three governmental agencies quoted three different values (in koodangulam alone).

Opposition party asked for an independent body (something like election commission or supreme court) to analyze the safety precautions and land conditions. This is the status in developed countries. But in India, Government organizations analyzes the safety in power plants. I am not aware how governmental agencies can give a report against government itself.

Hope many people are aware that European nations are shutting down their nuclear power plant.

Installing a nuclear power plant costs us more. Also the maintenance cost is quite high. The most important thing is that we need to spend a considerable amount of money while shutting down the power plant also.

Recently an emergency mock drill was conducted around the area (Say 5Km) around the nuclear power plant. During the mock drill, vehicle used for evacuating people got its engine ceased. It was entirely a flop show, since emergency arrangements were not proper at all. (this incident took place in 2002 at Kalpakam)

Even today, emergency arrangements are not up to date.

Lastly, RTI act even does not discloses few technical process involved in the nuclear power plant, since it could be a threat to the nation itself.

There are many such points to be discussed in this regard. Though this points serves as basic.

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