Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Population - 700 Crores !!!

Every Seventh person in the World is an Indian. Of course, it is a matter of proud. But generally there is a thought that increasing population is an alarming symbol. This post is a research on the same.

In 1968, a book called Population Bomb was released. In that effects of increasing population was clearly mentioned. The important effects mentioned there was scarcity of food and shelter.

I would like people to rewind our lifestyle 60 years back. During that time a major portion of people suffered a lot without food. Middle class people had grains as their main course of food.

But see the situation now. Our lifestyle has grown up. Our food production capacity has also grown up. UN predicts world is about to reach 1000 crore population at the end of 21st century.

Are you going to cry thinking about these figures ?!?! Of course not. Because our technology is developing day by day. We are improving ourselves to match with our requirements.

If increase in population is not there, we people would still be on roads. But now, we have got flyovers. We have got many attractive malls. Can you think about going back to technology we had 20 years back.

China has made family planning a mandatory one. India also advertises about importance of small family.

In contrast, Saudi and Singapore pay you for your child. More child you get, more money you will receive. If population raise is danger, why can't UN stop it.

 To be precise, problem in India is not the population raise - but the distribution network.

Still now, we have many people laying in platforms, starving for food. But at the same time, we have skyscrapers and the people who eat in golden spoon also.

Is it because of population !?!? It is because of unequal distribution.

Huge quantity of food grains produced in India gets wasted due to improper storage facility. It is very sad that an agricultural Nation does not have proper storage facility.

Recently, Supreme court ordered Government to distribute those grains to poor people of India. But Government has not shown any interest in doing so.

Are you going to blame population for this also ?!!? If so, continue blaming, anyhow it is not going to yield any productive result.

No one can predict the future. Who knows, 10th child of a mother can change the fate of entire nation with his intelligence. Even Lord Krishna came to this World as the EIGHT child.

As population increases, technology also increases. If there is no place left in Earth, we can conquer Moon or other planets.

I am not encouraging increase in population. But people should realize that increase in population alone is not a prime contributor to all the problems in the World.

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