Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A significant day !!!

Everyday is special to us. But there are few days which are treated more special. Those are the national or state leaders birthday or significant achievement days. This post is a detailed discussion on this topic.

1st of November is celebrated as the state formation day in Kerala. This happens every year. State holiday will be declared every year and TV channels used to broadcast some special programs. Sometimes new movies also might get released.

There is nothing wrong till this point. But the sad part is that people in prison are also released owing to this celebrations.

Is this not crazy !?!? Police people have sacrificed their life and arrested the culprits. Government releases them by the name of these days. Then what is the value of Court's judgement ?!!?

I think politicians use this as the vital tool to discharge their party members. A classical example of this was illustrated in Kerala yesterday.

Son of a minister was arrested for indulging in malpractice. He was sentenced for one year in prison. As usual due to poor health condition, he was admitted in hospital. All these stories happened around 3 months ago.

Yesterday, this guy was released owing to Kerala day. He has never been taken to jail till now. He fall sick and he was discharged when he was at hospital itself. Is this the honour we are giving to our Court's Judgement !?!?

This happens everywhere. I quoted Kerala case since it was recent and fresh.

Politicians use this occasion to interfere with Court's decision. This is totally wrong practice. But it happens every year. Birthday of any leader or Independence day or Republic day - many of our prisoners are released.

What is the fun in arresting them and prosecuting them, if they are going to be released on this occasions !??!

I am not sure where this is going to end. Supreme court should make a solid statement to stop this type of political interference. National significant days are treated as a milestone in country's history. But releasing prisoners out on that day gives us extra fear of being endangered.

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