Thursday, 3 November 2011

Our Country, Our People !!!

There is a talk prevailing in our Nation. Implementing any system is difficult in India, because of its population. Also some anti elements keep saying that it is difficult to appoint a police for every individual. Now lets take a microscopic view on this issue.

There are numerous people who travel abroad and come back to India. Those people behave well while abroad. Statistics says that Indians are best in complying with rules and regulations in middle east.

But when they come back to India, they are the best violators too.

Lets stop the blaming game now. What could be the solution for this issue !? Everyone knows that 100 crore police men is not a solution. To discuss this topic, lets take specific issue of Road traffic and accidents.

Road accidents in India are more due to various reasons. The root cause for them is Lack of systems.

Many of us get license through brokers. Very few get license by riding the vehicles as per norms. We all know that 18 years is the minimum age for driving the vehicle. But we encourage our kids to drive the vehicle at lesser age. We even think it as a matter of proud.

India is the only place where we people openly protest against wearing the helmet. Overloading of people is most common. A common family man drives with his wife and two child in a two wheeler. Is it possible in other countries ?!!?

We people simply blame politicians for poor road facilities. But how many of us will agree to introduce cameras in our roads !??!

In foreign countries, no one is there to oppose such things. But in democratic country like ours, there is opposition and corruption in every aspects of life.

We people are not happy with the existing cameras, which are placed very less in numbers and in important areas of city. We think that violating rules and systems is our freedom.

Even today there is no petition for introducing camera system in all our roads. But we are proud to say that India leads the World in road accidents. We are happy to blame Government for their poor road conditions, but we people will never prompt Government in case of any damage in our roads.

We compare Middle east with Indian roads. We have king's rule there, but we have democratic rule here.

It is all up to us to decide our future path.

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  1. Rajesh: This is my first visit to your blog,
    My response is: We can involve/encourage innovative plans for implements any systems in India., But without proper government it is entirely waste to be implemented.

  2. Kurinji: Your blog is good but it is not much popular. I encourage you to make this blog popular...

  3. S.A. Sulthan Allaudeen:

    I always says that we need a good government and we students should make part of the politics of our Nation..