Friday, 30 December 2011

When will Anna Hazare ji Succeed ?!?!?!

I am writing this post after a long gap. Sorry for being disappointing you guys for such a long time. Let us see the topic of the day - Anna Hazare ji's hunger strike. Many corrupted politicians laugh at him and poke him that he has lost. Many people say that his strike is meaning less. Let see what we should do to make it meaningful.

I recently saw a video of how very few Englishmen managed to control such a huge Indian population. I could correlate many similarities between that phrase and today's scenario. We people are like dry sand, difficult  hold together. We always expect a personal profit for almost all our moves.

The biggest gift we have is thinking. At times, this even turn out to be our biggest disaster too. Some people think Anna ji does this to earn some name in Indian politics. Some say that he belongs to BJP and some say he is the man who was fabricated by Congress itself.

I am not aware about what is true. But I am aware about one thing - this man made many people think and realise that corruption free India is possible.

I really feel bad when some corrupted politicians laugh at Anna ji and say that you have lost, your fight is meaningless. Logically speaking we people should feel ashamed. We cannot protect a person who fights for us. Indeed he is hurt by the person who was elected by us. Is this democracy !?!?

I could even see few people questioning that "When Hazare ji will win?!" The answer is very simple - the day when we correct ourselves.

There was no Englishmen or American when corruption started in India. It started only because of Indians. To end this corruption also, we cannot depend on external force. We Indians have to fight up.

Many of us might have studied hierarchy of needs. There is a stage called self actualisation. It is the last stage of motivation. I think we Indians never claim to reach there. If I earn 50K, I compare with my senior who gets more than me. This applies to my senior also. We people are actually never satisfied.

Politicians who earn in Laks dream for crores. A normal person who earns in hundreds dreams for thousands. This chain never ends. The dream in us motivate us to achieve it somehow. Probably the problem is we never think about our eligibility in achieving our dream. We just set un-achievable targets, put ourself in pressure, kill our conscience and remain as a corrupted citizen.

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