Saturday, 31 December 2011

Mullai Periyar - The true story !!!

Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the two states involved in this affair. Central Government and Supreme Court of India are two external parties involved. The sad part is many people know only till point of the story. Lets see the fact behind this issue.

Logically speaking, how could a dam constructed and maintained in Kerala be named after a tamilian - Periyar !??!

Kerala government says 35 Lak people might be killed if dam gets collapsed. They also claim that dam is 116 years old and its made of limestone. How could we take such a massive risk which involves life of these many people!?

Every one of us also know that Kerala has accepted to continue supplying same amount of water to Tamil Nadu even after the construction of new dam.

Then what problem does Tamilians have !?!? Why they resist !?!? There must be some reason behind this. Is Tamil Nadu least bothered about life of 35 lak people ?! Here comes answer for all these questions.

In the year 1976, Kerala government constructed a dam just 50 Km below Mullai periyar dam. The capacity of the new dam is 7 times more than the older one.

Once the dam came into existence, Kerala government started worrying about the life of 35 Lak people. I am not aware about their stand. Was the dam brand new till 1975 !? Or did Kerala government careless about 35 Lak people till 1975 !?

Okay. At least Kerala started worrying for people by 1976. But is the worry true !?!?

Logically speaking, if mullai periyar dam gets collapsed, water is going to travel downwards. In next 50 Km, there is a new dam constructed which is even 7 times bigger than older one. Naturally water is going to get settled there.

Water storage in new dam is not known to be full all the time. Imagine even a case the new dam is filled with water and now the older dam is going to bet collapsed. Even in this case, water takes four hours to reach new dam. Water can be released from new dam.

Now how many villages are situated between these two villages !?!? Hardly ZERO. Then what will be the death rate ?! Almost zero. Then where does the number 35 Lak came from ?!?

Okay. Everything is accepted. But what makes Tamil Nadu to protest against new dam !?!?

Mullai Periyar dam is 2709 to 2861 feet high from sea level. New dam is constructed from a height of about 1853 feet about sea level. Water supplied to Tamil Nadu from Mullai periyar passes through high rocky layers and reach the destination. Location of new dam makes it virtually impossible for water to reach Tamil Nadu, even if Kerala wishes to supply us water.

Okay. Is Tamil Nadu defending the damaged dam for its personal benefit !??!

Probably no. Because as per claims of Kerala the dam is purely made of Limestone, which itself is not fully true. The dam has been renovated with 40 Tons of cement and 500 Tons of cement in 1933 and 1960 respectively. Recently in the year 2000, even an expert panel appointed by Supreme Court of India analysed the bridge and strengthen the same with latest anchoring methodology.

After the necessary modifications, Supreme Court of India declared that the Mullai Periyar dam is Safe.

Simple. Problem solved. Then what is the purpose of constructing a new dam !?!? This is what Tamilians also ask. Now can you understand their stand point.

People are also not put in danger. Bridge is also not in a state to get collapsed. A state of illusion is being developed in the minds of people.

This is the fact. Courtesy - An Article written by Mr. Gopinath. Article translated into English for the benefit of English readers.

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  1. i accept few of your points, TN powered the dam with it's own money.
    1) Problem with kerala is BECAUSE, of POLLS, on which COngress have to win and Left have to win. DECIDES the fate.. SO THEY PLAY THIS TRUMP CARD !

    2) KErala is wary of TN control over the DAM

    3) Periyar is a Tamilian true, for your Kind information. Once upon a time. TAMIL were everywhere from which malyayalam,telugu and all routed !

    4) Periyar belong to Erode, which is very close and gets benefited from the dam !

    5) Thousands of farmers are living based on this dam, whom provides food for Keralites. rice and meat are flowing from TN to kerala !

    6)It is built on PERIYAR river, so it hailed that name !

    Overall, this problem is all of BULL SHIT..
    few days later after Kerala assembly polls, it will die and so HYSTERIA !

  2. Dear Friend,

    Its really a good article which explains many true

    facts. hats off to u.

    Sheik Mujibur Rahman.

  3. Simple and clearly explained....Gr8....