Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A reason to Celebrate !!!

Happy New Year wishes to all our blog readers. Hope everyone of you had a great new year celebration. In this post I would like to share few interesting incidents I faced during new year celebration.

Let it be any celebration, I just see it as an opportunity to celebrate. While celebrating, we people throw away all our worries, ego, status and become kids. This is a fact.

When they dance and sing together, the Ego between them vanishes. It gives a possibility for friendly interaction. It gives an opportunity to display your talents and understand others talent.

Scholars have rightly said that World is a stage on which we people act. Its true. 99% of us act, we don't live. We live the life what others will accept. We fear to live the life we like. Many movies have this as a punch line. Hero generally used to say that I live as my heart says - but many times it becomes cinematic.

We restrict ourself by wearing a mask of etiquette and decency. We start thinking about others thinking towards us. This is were most of the problem come. The person doesn't really posses the character which he appears to posses.

There are another category of people who refuses to throw away the mask even during celebration times. They maintain their ego and status. These type of people suffer problems related to health.

In north India, majority of states have a festival where they become kid. I feel this is missing in south India. Dhandiya function in Gujarat, Holi all over North India, Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharastra makes people feel light.

The actual reason behind these celebrations are these reduces blood pressure to great extent. It is 100 times better than watching a movie or having a snacks.

My sincere request to all people is to just relax yourself in between works. Your job is more important, You need to earn for your family - accepted. But never forget to take care of you. Spend considerable time for yourself. Enjoy with your loved ones.

We people take time for us during our college days or young life, but as days pass on we change our approach to life. We engage ourselves to the worries and problems present in front of us. Lets resist the change in our life style. Let us spend at least a glimpse of time for ourselves.

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