Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Girl & Star Fish !!!

Whenever tide reaches the shore, it carries few star fish along with it. Many star fishes could be noticed lying on the shore. If they are not taken back by next tide, their life ends. Almost life of a girl is comparable to a star fish !!!

We Indians call our country as women, we denote almost as women and at a same time, we almost ignore women to a core. Fact says that not more than 50% of women completes their high school.

Till date, child marriage exists in many villages. No stringent measures are in place to control this.

I have read in my school days that, educating a women is equal to educating a family. Its very true.

If a women learns, it restricts the women to get married at-least till she completes her education. Even after marriage, if she is ill treated - she could handle the family with her own education skills. She could also educate her child.

Thereby she spreads the light of education. Most importantly, she will be able to stop a girl from becoming a victim. The cycle continues...

I have heard a story of a star fish. A girl stands on the shore and she throws the star fish back into the sea. A person came to her and asked, "Can you save all the star fish by this !? What big difference you could make !?"

The young girl simply picked up another star fish, threwed it back into sea and said - "I made difference to this single star fish."

This is the correlation between a girl and star fish. Never think that by helping a single girl, how will things change. Think that you have entirely reversed the life of a single girl.

Women contribute more than 60% of Indian workforce but not more than 5% of properties are registered in their name !!!

Let us respect our mother. If she is unaware of certain things, lets educate them.

Generally women are proved to be expert in questioning skills. Lets try to answer their question with patience. Lets spread the light of education and awareness.

Believe or not - I just educated a day to my mom about Anna Hazare ji and the next day, entire colony was aware about this person. This is the power of a women. They also grasp to the best and transmit it to the best.

As per our Ex- President's word, help India achieve 20-20 faster !!!

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