Friday, 25 May 2012

The substitute !!!

Hi friends, sorry for a pretty long gap. Believe me, I will be regular from now onwards. In this post I would like to emphasis the importance of substitute - generally treated as a dark spot.

We can be depended on what we have in adequate. But relaying on the source which we seldom have may lead to problems and dependency. This is what is prevailing in India.

We people seldom have adequate gasoline explored in our country. But our dependency on them is too high. Even developed countries like America are going for substitute of Gasoline products. But India (the knowledge bank of the World) remains silent in this area.

Few years before Ethanol mixed petrol came into Indian market. But within a period of SIX months, the marketing of the same was stopped. The reason for this is still a mystery !

In my opinion, I thought that Ethanol might be polluting more than what diesel does, but I was wrong. Ethanol was more environment friendly. The second reason I thought was the type of Engine we use in vehicles might not support ethanol mixed petrol. But I was wrong in this too. Any engine made after 2002 could run with 25% of ethanol and 75% of petrol. Then what is blocking Government from implementation of this fuel. It might reduce 25% of petrol consumption of the Nation.

Big Industrial giants were forcing Government to ban Ethanol mixed petrol because it may reduce India's dependency on other countries. This might also reduce their profit margin by huge extent. Not only petroleum industries pressurise Government but also liquor industries.

India is a country with 560 sugar plants. In case few of such plants are employed for production of ethanol, we may well overcome our petrol demand. Is it possible to do so ?!!? Yes, Indeed. Brazil did this when it faced scarcity of petroleum products. But why not India ?!

We have very simple solution for the most complex problem we face. In case we reduce 25% of our petroleum demands, our currency may take driving seat. We can lower the dominance of dollar over rupees. But how many of us are aware about this fact.!?

Hence I hereby request everyone of you to educate about this phenomenon to people around you. Only awareness can lighten up our life. If it doesn't happen, lets make it happen.

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