Saturday, 26 May 2012

Science behind !!!

Let me make my stand very clear - It is not a religious post. But few religious aspects are just taken as an example to illustrate the science behind them. In this post we are to discuss a thin line of difference between practises and superstition.

Every religion has its own code of ethics. But if we make a deep study on those, we may realise that all religion converges to the same point. This is the reality that everyone should realise.

Actually there are two category of people. 1. Remember God only when he encounters any trouble. 2. Never give space to God in his life. In today's world, we have more number of people belonging to type 1. They have literally stopped praying in ordinary circumstances.

This is the case with most of the boys who are still bachelors. But when he gets a family, he needs some moral support. He slowly enters into religious activity also due to the pressure given by wife and parents. This shift was made to happen, not voluntarily done.

Hence, we may find some negativeness in the body language of this people. They won't abruptly reject God but also not put forward an effort to realise almighty.

Every one of us know that our child behaves how we do. Hence our child also begins to think in the same line. He also puts himself in a stage to oppose all religious activities.

There might be many reasons behind this. 1. Religious places are treated as business spots. 2. Partiality / nepotism that prevails in the temples. 3. Some non-traditional practises coming into the place etc may force man to go against religious system.

But the best possible solution for this problem is to learn our religious system in deep.

I have heard many people saying that our kings wasted huge area of land in the name of temple. But is it true !? Let me tell you a science behind it.

Earlier days there was a system which says people go to temple and worship twice a day. We all know that God is everywhere. Then what is the reason behind this statement ?! Have we thought in this angle ?!

The simple reason behind is to maintain our body structure. The temple size is big and there is a tradition that once you go to temple you need to make 3 rounds (at least) of the program. Hence it may account to at least 1-2 Km of walk every time. Walking 3-4 Km everyday will help you to maintain your body fit.

Also it gives a purpose of walking. I have heard few people saying that why should I go for a walk without any purpose, that too early in the morning !?!? Hence our forefathers gave a link between God and our physical health and made us visit temples.

Like this, there is a scientific reason behind everything we do. Try to understand that. If anything is found baseless, just avoid following it. You can even make people aware about this superstition.

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