Monday, 28 May 2012

Dependables !!!

Human is a social animal. That too Indians are specifically more sentiment oriented. We live for our family more than living for ourselves. But when we step into some risky jobs or when we fight for justice, probably this family structure may hinder us from acting freely.

In 90/100 movies, heroes surrender themselves to villains only when their family members / dear ones are taken as prey. Indeed, such types of incidents are true in today's context too.

We have seen many kidnaps in recent time to make Government hear their words. Government is also pressurised by the concern;s family members and known persons.

There are movies even illustrating that hero (who generally will try to eradicate evil forces in city) says himself as a lonely man. He is having no family or friendship bond with any people. But is it possible for reality ?!!?

Believe or not, developed countries develop a gang of cops who have no sentimental attachment with any person in this world. They are mesmerised, brain washed and made to focus only on anti-social elements.

As I already told, sentiment is taken more seriously in India more than any other countries. There are numerous articles stating that India is probably the only country where parents live their entire life only for their children. They think about his future. They plan for his education, marriage and even for his children's education.

Our Governmental policies and saving bonds are evident for this purpose. I don't think any other country will have as many children policy as India has. This is how we are linked with each other.

Lets take an example. Say Mr. X kidnapped Mr. Y. Mr. Y is famous personality in his area and Mr. X is a gang member of Mr. Z's team. Mr. Z is gang leader of a militant group and he has been arrested recently.

Now, Mr. X kidnapped Mr. Y and demanding release of Mr. Z.

Most of the Nations would have gone to attack Mr. X or Mr. Z to free Mr. Y. But our approach is totally different. We free Mr. Z and get back Mr. Y.

I respect this decision. Life of Mr. Y is important - accepted. But please do think about the sacrifice of our police personnel too. They might have risked their life in arresting Mr. Z. Even few police man might have killed in this incident. But all these sacrifice done by police personnel are forgotten when Mr. X demands.

After this incident, how could you expect our police department to work efficiently.!? They get demotivated. Firstly, their life is at risk always. Secondly, we are not going to respect them even if they die in their mission and finally, even if the militant is arrested and produced before law, he won't be punished during his life time.

I will give you a job. Your manager gives you an assignment. You do it day and night. Submit your report on his table, He just trashes your report without even opening your file. How would you feel in this situation ?!?!

This is what is happening in our country. Realise that police men are also human. They also have feeling. Respect them.

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