Thursday, 31 May 2012

World no Tobacco day !!!

The reason for assigning a day for a particular cause is to make people realize the seriousness of the issue. In this post, lets see the reason behind observation of World tobacco day.

About 5.5 Million people die due to tobacco consumption, every year. Is it not shocking ?!!?!?

About 0.9 Million people die in India every year due to the consumption of tobacco. Also India holds the record for second most country which consumes tobacco.

On an average, 15% of youngsters consume tobacco under 15 years of age. 25% of youngsters consume tobacco between 15 to 17 years of age.

Average age for a tobacco adict is mentioned as 17.8, for male. It is more shocking to know that the average tobacco adict age of female is 17.

Nearly 26% of non somkers are exposed to tobacco at work place. At home, the percentage increases to 52%. The main reason behind this is somking at public places.

Till date, we have seen many people smoking in public. When we inhale the smoke, we are also prone to all effects which could be caused by tobacco.

A recent survey says that most of the women become prey to tobacco effects only because of smoking habit of their husbands. This culture should change.

Though we have many controls in public places and offices for smoking, we have no restriction for smoking in our house. When a person smokes in home, children at home and old age people are more vulerable to be affected.

North easetern part of India tops the tobacco consumers list. Due to excessive cold, they consume tobacco by every means. Few of them smoke, whereas few consume raw tobacco.

India is the third largest producer of tobacco in the World. This keeps the cost of tobacco low always and hence availability of tobacco is not at all a problem. Every small shops have tobacco products. Unless Government takes some stingent measures to control this, eradicating tobacco would be a day dream.

But we could make a change as an individual. It is not necessary that you mind wash a smoker and make him quit smoking. But we as an individual could restrict people to avoid smoking in public places.

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