Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Conservation !!!

Conservation is the prime factor that should be learnt from our ancestors. There are two ways by which you could reduce a problem. 1. By increasing the production. 2. By decreasing the consumption.

Generally, we people begin to conserve only when we face some scarcity. Now we could see advertisement everywhere stating us to conserve electricity and diesel. But it is proved that conservation could be learnt only when scarcity is not present.

Let me explain you with an example. We all know that India is facing terrible electricity scarcity. Many parts of India experience power cut of about 4-6 hours a day.

In spite of this, our power consumption has not reduced. Because we have employed inverters and other batteries to save power, which could be used during power cuts. Ultimately, when power is on - consumption rate is very high. For example, A person uses 6 units / day in case he gets power 24 hours a day. In case of power cuts, his consumption may even go up to 7 units / day because he stores energy for power cut time and also tries to finish all his electricity dependent works during power on time itself.

Here comes the main problem. Decreasing the consumption doesn't mean to decrease the supply.

In my earlier days, my parents used to switch on fans only for few hours a day. They used to sit out in balcony during evening hours and chat with neighbours. I too used to play with my friends for few hours. And hence we were conserving electricity with our life style.

But now, we don't know our neighbours name. Our children are better playing computer games than field games. Our house door is always shut. This obstructs the flow of light, which forces us to go for light. Also for air movement we use fan. With change in life style, we move ourselves from nature.

Even today, old age people in developed cites pay less electricity bill than working couples. It was shocking for me. Old age couple used to stay in home for full day. But this working couple hardly stays in home for 10 hours a day. But they consume more electricity than what old people do in 24 hours.

This is a place to think. Conservation is never a mistake. It is one of the most efficient way to renew our life. Otherwise, the future generation might not be aware about the resource called petrol or coal. Even water will be subjected to availability. Of course, our science and technology will never let us down. But they favour only the rich, unlike our nature.

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