Saturday, 7 January 2012

Tradition Vs Modern !!!

Where ever I go, I hear this word - Girls have changed a lot. They used to wear traditional sarees, but now they roam around wearing jeans. The situation is getting worse, blaw blaw blaw. But one simple question, does guys stick to their tradition !?!?

I have read in my primary school that keep your hand clean before pointing out a dirt.

I being a guy cannot blame any girl because I am not following my traditional dress. My job and work environment may not be comfortable if I stick to traditional wear.

Girls wearing modern dress - Is it wrong !?!? If you ask me, The question itself is wrong. Any dress that makes you comfortable is the advisable dress. If I am comfortable wearing a jeans, nothing bad in wearing it. I cannot keep worrying whether my neighbour will mistake me or not. I just need a dress which makes me feel comfortable.

But there is a group which makes themselves uncomfortable by wearing modern dress. If you opt for your dress by choice - then it is great. But if you prefer modern dress only because your friends wear it, then change yourself.

The main problem with us is we upgrade from western world but we also mix our innovations. Only in India, mistakes become a fashion.

The concept of wearing tight t shirt and low hip pants have this history.

I would like to remind guys a point - How many of us wear dhoti and shirt (khadar) ?!?! Only on certain occasions and festive times we prefer these dresses. Almost every girl stick to this formula.

What is wrong in this ?!!? I have never seen a father advising his son when he prefers low hip pant. But if his daughter prefer jeans pant, she has to hear a hour full of lecture. Why this partiality ?!!? Probably this partiality is going to create a barrier in their heart.

Society also has the same view. A guy is given all sorts of freedom, but never a girl - in case of dressing.

Trivia - Men fairness creams and cosmetics have more market than female cosmetics.

Every thing lie in the eye of the viewer. Research says that saree and dhoti are the world's sexiest costumes - since they are the rarest of costumes which have no button or zip on them.

Live for your heart. Never comment others. In this modern world - our needs and demands may force us to break some culture or tradition. Do remember, we made these cultures and tradition. And these cultures and traditions are always bound to be renewed or broken.

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