Sunday, 8 January 2012

Do and Say !!!

Does India lack in talent ?!!? Not at all. But what is stopping us from reaching heights !??! In this post we are to discuss certain aspects which makes us unique from developed nations.

Recently I met a foreigner. We attended a course together. In the due course, he asked me about my qualification. I said as electrical engineer. He then asked me, can you fix this air conditioner ?!? I had no answers left with me.

He told, we don't have electrical engineers in our country. We have electrician for respective machine / equipment. If a person fixes AC, we call him AC electrician or mechanic.

This ignited me a thought - indeed this is where we lag.

India has a set of people (Engineers / Diploma graduates) who have strong theoretical background. We also have a huge workforce who could do any job easily.

The problem here is, the person who is strong in theory is weak in practical and the person who can work cannot explain.

In foreign countries, they try to balance this. Being a electric engineer I would like to share a fact to you. I cannot touch any electrical appliance without state wire man license.

And only 1 - 2% of electrical engineers in India have wire man license. This is where we stand.

One more shocking fact is that we have more number of fake universities here. These universities issue certificates for nothing. And many people on site get their degree only through these universities.

Now what is the solution for this problem !??! People on site should be made to think / understand what they actually do. Unless they understand the purpose or theory behind their work - they may not be successful in repeating it.

Engineers shall come out of their office and put on their efforts to learn reality. There is always a term called "Practicality" which deviates lightly from theory.

Unless this happens, we might not be able to reach the heights. Let us light the candle of literacy among layman workers and let us also learn the art of working from them.

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