Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Modern day Fasting !!!

Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food / water or both for a certain period of time !!! But now we people observe fasting only to please God !!! But what we do in fasting is discussed in this post !!!

Generally I am not with people who fast in name of God !!! Because we people just do business with God !!! Recently one of my colleague observed fast - the reason is, he needs a ticket to travel home this diwali !!! He wants God himself to stand in counter and book tickets or what I don't know !!!

I generally believe in a principle !!! God can only add Zeros !!! Our hard work will only add ONES !!! If we work and then pray, we will get Zeros after Ones which adds value to the number !!! It is meaningless to give every decision to God and stay calm !!!

Now lets come to fasting !!! God created us with stomach and digestive system !!! If he wants us to observe fast, he could not given us these stomach, endocrine glands etc !!!

Many people say in order to give rest to our glands we observe fast !!! Then why to take name of God there ?!?! These people think that they are from heaven during those period and keep poking people who are not observing fast !!! Some others say that they observe fasting because others can eat their food for a day !!! I fully accept it !!! But you people eat more than others during fast !!!

There are many people observe fasting with value !!! This post is not for them !!! This post is especially for people who just fast to show that they do it or for people who trade with fasting !!!

Some of my friends observe fasting !!! Every region in India has its own fasting rules !!! Salt is allowed somewhere, Wheat is allowed somewhere and even in few places you can eat anything once sun is set !!!

There are many varieties of fasting !!! Some people keep eating fruits / drinking milk / eating some allowable items all through the period of the fast !!! Some others keep looking at the watch for the time !!! Exactly when the clock tickles, they start eating !!! And of course there are few people who not even drink water during fast !!!

I never comment on people who eat alternatives or fruits !!! It is time, demanding them to do so !!! My grand father used to observe fasting by sitting in his home !!! But I have to stay near high temperature boiler, need to walk more than 5Km in hot sun, stay active till evening !!! If I become inactive - my management will kick me out of the organization !!!

I have more pressure than what my seniors had !!! But even then I observe fast for my parents or forefathers !!! If the above line is applicable to you - please reconsider your decision !!!

No Military man can observe fasting !!! God may probably mistaken him, if he observes fast and fall asleep !!! Do your job full heatedly and treat people with love and care - you are to get more than what you will get in fasting !!!

Now decision is yours !!!

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