Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Democratic !!!

Probably one factor makes a huge difference between India and many other developing countries - Democracy. We are democratic, whereas our prime competitors are not. But how could this be a concern for us ?!?! Will being free be a problem ?!?!?!

Let me start with a small example, If there is no tutor in the class, how many of us will sit with the book and study ?!!? Be it Kindergarten or high school, percentage of people studying in absence of tutor will be very low.

This is what exactly I mean. We people need someone to guide or monitor us all sorts of time. Though we have all our sense and take decision from it, we act like our ancestors (as per Darvin) sometimes.

I think, being a democratic nation makes us in a situation of a class without tutor. There is no control over us. It is a very positive sign. But we people misuse it to a maximum extent.

Recently, I read about an incident. A collector in a district has ordered that all Auto Rickshaws in that area should use meter for charging. Is there anything so wrong with this statement !??!

Few auto drivers came up with Kerosene cans to commit suicide !!! Collector was cornered and his decision was not allowed to be implemented.

Take our population growth. Government keeps on advertising to stop with one child. But how many house has more than one child ?!!? I would like to refer China in this aspect. During birth of the first child, mother is being operated for Family planning.

Can anyone imagine such a stringent control measures in India !??!?!

We people are very comfortable in complaining from our chair. How many of us used democracy in positive sense ?!!? How many complaints have we raised to corporation for repairing our road condition or sewage or street lights ?!?!

We wait for someone to act on these. If we people take a simple initiative of writing a mail to concerned person, this issue would have been properly closed. But we are more comfortable to scold elected representative for this mistake.

Of course, Democracy has more benefits that everyone of us enjoy. But the problem is we forget giving back to Government. I request everyone of you to think in this regard.

Hope this post was useful. Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives. Please find time to write back to us. Do vote in INDLI and INDIBLOGGER, if we deserve.

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