Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Stunts !!!

Either be bus or train, youngsters try to make stunt and prove their expertise. This is in increasing trends nowadays. Strange fact is that our curse or anger motivates people to do so.

Recently many of us might have seen a video on net. A group of guys doing stunts on an electric train. I am amazed that, if they want to take risk to the core - why can't they go to Indian border with a gun in their hand.

At least the people who curse them, will praise. Many a time they do these stupid stunts to grab attention of public, specially girls.

I read an article recently which states that, youngsters smoke cigar only to establish that they are matured. They want to tell the World that they are grown up.

Like the same, these guys want the World to note them. They risk their life to get attention. Really a pathetic situation.

Psychology says that every human has two faces - Lone face and Group face.

Ask the guy to perform his stunts when he his alone (not with his gang), you could notice a huge change in his approach. But in gang, he does to prove his heroism.

This is because, from childhood we see movies. Almost all movies portrait hero to be a person who perform some stunts and risky scenes. This give an impression to this guys that they could also become hero, if they perform such stunts.

Probably lack of knowledge or awareness may be the reason behind their stupid acts, I suppose. Definitely they are not bold enough to face the death.

Also these people are one of the most indecent people. Something like half filled pot dances more than full pot. Big gymnastic experts, professionals maintain dignity and carry on their job whereas these people even kindle other people (common public) to perform this challenge. There are some vulnerable group of people, who get tempted by these guys and risk their life.

Ultimately bus conductor or Train TTE have no control over these people. We need to think from their point also. A person who doesn't know the value of his own life - how could you expect him to respect others word ?!?!?!

Then what is the solution for this issue !?!? If you cannot fight with them or reduce their intention, better avoid them. One day or another, these guys will come to understand the value of their life - that time they will stop doing such stupid activities.

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