Saturday, 29 October 2011

Education Vs Violance !!!

Education makes man matured. This is what we people firmly believe. But recent reports makes us think that whether this statement holds good or not. Yes, this post is an analysis of a report released by Government of India.

Three states in India registered more number of crimes / civil cases recently.

1. Uttar Pradesh. 2. Andhra Pradesh. 3. Tamil Nadu.

Delhi accounts for 23% of cases registered against women violation (in India).

One state has accounted for maximum number of suicides - Kerala.

Now lets analyze these three statements.

Uttar Pradesh covers a huge area and the awareness level of people is comparatively low. Hence we could consider that educating people in that area could reduce violence or non compliance to law.

Andhra is also one of the biggest Indian states and due to the sensitive issue of Telungana, the number might be high this time.

But what about Tamil Nadu. Everyone knows that it is not quite a big state. But now how come we people have reached the top ?!!? Education level in Tamil Nadu is quite high compared to many other states. Does it means that our education is not at all being used practically !? Does our educational system failed to give the maturity it supposed to !?!?

Capital of a mother land has become the most insecure place for women to live. Isn't not a shame to us ?!

Such a small state. Fully developed and flooded with educationalist, businessmen and all talented profile holders. But this crime rate has got entirely the counter part of it.

Kerala, yet another small state with 100% literacy rate. It is proudly denoted as God's own land. But now it has become a land of suicides. If education gives us maturity, would it have occur !?!?

If you take a deep breath and analyze these cases, probably you might end up with failure in our educational and family system.

Most of the men from Kerala work abroad. Women are almost involved in local business. Hence, the child never gets the care it needs. Women misses the care of their husband. A sort of family relationship is missing there.

The same is the case in Delhi. People are busy always. They are on the move everyday. They have no time to spend with their family. Hence there is no control over their children.

Money + No care + No control + Wrong exposure (from media and net) = Violence.

This is so simple logic. Now Tamil Nadu is also in the trend of falling prey to this disease. People should wake up now itself. IT companies are overwhelming our lifestyle. A sort of family culture that is emerging nowadays is purely threatening.

I would request everyone of you to please think in this direction. Sorry, it has become quite a long post.

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