Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Presentation !!!

50% of your character is reflected by the dress you wear. This is what we people follow, even after knowing that appearances are deceptive. Probably appearance may be deceptive, but presenting ourselves better is a real talent.

Talent is within everyone. Everyone is talented one way or another. But only people who present better reach better heights.

For example, You are evaluating an exam paper. If your presentation is appealing, you are bound to get marks in-spite of wrong answer.

Why we people say that resume is important !?!? Resume presents you before others. So it is essential that resume should be clear and most importantly presentable. It should give a positive impression to the people.

This is the same principle behind our decent clothing and profile picture.

Many of us achieve something everyday, but how many of us are capable of presenting it !??!!? Really this was the challenge I faced. I was asked to submit my progress and our department performance for past SIX months.

I could easily come out with numerical figures. But when I was trying to fill the theory part (brief explanation part) - I struggled like anything.

I just got 10 points as my significant achievement or innovation during those six months. I was shocked.

There could be two basic reasons. Either I have been purely monotonous or I am not able to present all what I did.

Many of you could have faced this problem. We people do something new everyday. If we keep track of our findings or innovations, it would really be a great motivating factor for us. We would begun to think more positive about it and naturally people around us will start feeling our presence.

If I myself is not aware about my innovations or achievements, how could I expect people around me to treat me better. It is my prime duty to demonstrate my capabilities before expecting something from their side.

I have met many people in my life who are so so talented. Even they are over qualified for the job where they are at present. The reason is their poor presentation or lack in expressing their talents.

Let me finish with a caption which was often used by my Management staff - Life is a market, your potential is a product and you are the salesman for your product. It is you who decides the value of your product.

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