Friday, 26 August 2011

Heart and Mind - A Shift Game !!!

We generally question the strength or power of heart and mind - but many times we fail to realize the in depth concept of both !!! In this post, we are to see how a person differs when the momentum shifts between heart and mind !!!

First let me start with a psychological finding !!!

If heart rules you - you are an animal !!! If brain rules you - you are the God !!! If you are trapped between both - of course you are human !!!

We all could have seen this scenario happening !!! A daily labour works 10 hours a day and earns Rs. 150 !!! On his way to his home, he sees a liquor shop - enters in and almost half of his salary is gone !!!

This is the typical example we could take to explain significance of heart and mind !!!

A man goes to work to fulfill his and his dependence needs all through the day !!! He is under influence of his Mind that time !!! But when he sees a liquor shop, heart starts pulling him in !!! But mind refuses to go in !!! A war between heart and mind starts !!!

Ultimately, whenever there is a war between heart and mind, heart wins !!! So the person enters the shop and fetch himself !!!

If we analyze this scenario, a person who was under the control of his mind fir the whole day lost his momentum and fell prey to his heart !!! The story doesn't end here !!!

When the drunken person visits home, his wife scolds him !!! He realizes his fault - again mind comes into play !!! He assures that he will never drink again in his life !!! But after a week or so, heart wins over the mind - and this cycle happens !!!

Do only human commit sin ?!?! Never !!! Everyone commit sin !!!

But the problem with human is, we enjoy what we wished to (our heart's order) and later we analyze the problem (because of mind's order) !!! Animals are purely influenced by their heart !!! They commit sin - but they don't even realize that it is a sin !!!

God is purely influenced by Mind - he never gives space for his illusive pleasure !!!

But we people are intermediate !!! Sometimes we become God and sometime we become Animal !!! We people cannot be judged at all !!!

Let me tell you a practical example !!! We people would always take our friend's talk with fun !!! But one day (if friend tease us before few girls), we take it seriously and involve in fight with him !!! This is an indication of animal coming out !!!

And after few hours or days, we ourselves give up animal in us and plead our friend to apologize !!! This is indication of mind coming back into action !!! This is quite natural and is part of human life !!!

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