Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Level of Thinking !!!

Every man has his own perception !!! It depends on his educational background, family background and the social environment in which he lives !!! In this post we are to discuss a serious topic about the level of thinking of Indians !!!

Let me start with most renowned person - Mr. Newton !!!

He termed Gravity !!! But imagine what would have happened if different set of people were there in same place !!!

A person like me is sitting under the tree !!! If apple falls on his head, he will thank God first - Oh God, you have understood my hunger !!! Really proud of you !!! I will have this prasad, by your name !!!

In case if a politician was there, he would have claimed as Opposition parties are launching an attack against me !!! There is no safety for my life in India !!! Blaw blaw !!!

Since it was Newton, he gave us a concept of gravity !!! When I was student, I also wished Newton could have been under coconut tree !!! (Hope you understood)

But what should be noted is something else !!! Newton had got variety of excuses before he termed gravity !!!

Many people said due to the weight of apple, it came down !!! Then Newton took a feather and dropped it !!! It also came down !!! The people who convinced about weight was silent then !!! This feather actually made him think that something in earth attracts everything towards it !!!

This deep taught gave us theory of gravity !!! Now instead of Newton, if a farmer was there he could have taken the seeds of apple and could have made a new variety of apple itself !!! Who knows !?!?

From the above context, One thing is clear !!! Load yourself with knowledge and keep your mind open to thoughts !!! Miracle may occur at any point of your time !!!

For those who don't agree with miracle of time, there is one simple question for you !!! Did the apple fall for first time from a tree or does Newton sees something falling down for first time !?!? Answer for both the question is NO !!!

Like this, we people also miss so many opportunity in our daily life !!! But my sincere advise is load yourself with data needed for reaching success !!! If you are not prepared enough, you won't realize even if the luck knocks your door !!!

Many incidents might have reached your mind when you read this line !!! As a matter of fact, we cannot command every opportunity we get, but we can demand certain opportunities with our talents !!!

Now there is a big opportunity for all of us to save India from corruption !!! It is my perception !!! You might have some difference of opinion !!! Of course, if there is no difference in taste / views - World will be entirely monotonous !!!

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  1. As a matter of fact, we cannot command every opportunity we get, but we can demand certain opportunities with our talents !!!-Nice quote