Saturday, 20 August 2011

How Bribe is made Acceptable in India ?!!?

We all talk about bribe when giving it !!! But in many cases we blame honest person more than the corrupted person, because we are always in hurry to get our job done !!! We also have our own justification for bribing others and corrupting our self !!! This post is all about it !!!

Before getting deep into the topic, let me share the Legal definition of bribe !!!

The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties

The main reason we people accept bribe as part of our life is our misconception !!! Have you ever imagined how all religious have become well sophisticated !?!?! The reason is corruption !!!

Many people realize that taking bribe is a sin !!! But they also think that, giving a share from the bribed amount removes our sin !!! That too share is given to God himself !!!

Let me share a real happening with you !!! I hardly go to temples, but I did once when my friend forced me and took me with him !!! Painting work was carried out in temple !!! Also fixing of Air conditioner was also in process !!! During pooja time, a car came and a VIP marched in !!! Pooja was interrupted, Pandit received him and we were asked to wait !!!

This added oil to my anger !!! You could ignore me, but how could you ignore God !??!!? I was keen in listening to their conversation !!! The VIP said that, Swami as you told I have given 25% of bribe to God - I have not even touched that money !!! You use it for development of temple !!!

The pandit also was very generous in replying that - Nothing wrong will happen to your good heart !!!

I left that place and from then, stopped going to temple even if someone forces !!! I prefer to pray God from my home and there are my parents (living Gods) !!!

Now tell me - is this legal ?!?! What to do with these people ?!!?

I am not aware about all vedas, Kuran, Bible and other holy books !!! But I am aware of one thing - no where it is written that "Share your bribe with God to reduce your sin" !!!

Most of us talk about Lok pal !!! How many of us are honest !?!? There are few areas, where corruption has become new law !!!

1. Registering of house / Land for under estimate value !!! How many of us realize that it is a crime !?!? We are cheating our nation by doing so !!!

2. Usage of Domestic LPG / Subsidized Petroleum products for our car / DG sets !!!

3. Especially profession of Quality control / Testing is in more serious stage of corruption !!!

There are many more !!! But they are just made legalized because, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO IS DOING IT !!!

I do it, because my friend did it !!! He did it because his friend did and this chain continues !!! If we are just going to follow other's foot steps - then what is the use of laws and regulations ?!!? Why we should have a judiciary set up ?!?!

Everyone will share a part of bribe money to their respective God !!! Will God accept it !?!? Is this what God demanded from you !?!? Can't you realize that someone is making use of your money for their benefits as you did !?!? Probably you never know the value of those money because it is not the fruit for your hard work !?!?

Please people -  think !!! Bribe can be stopped by two ways !!!

1. Stop Giving !!!
2. Stop Receiving !!!

Instead of forcing others to stop receiving, why can't all of us unitedly STOP GIVING !?!?!

Now the concept of bribe is there because, if I pay 5Rs, you pay Rs. 10 (over cost) and buy the product !!! The sales person gets bribe of Rs. 5 and hence bribe lives !!!

If you too start demanding for Rs. 5, who is going to pay him more ?!!? If we start valuing our money, naturally bribe could be demolished !!!

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  1. Well, we have a loosely defined term for bribe and it is called Baksheesh, now a days. Thanks to Anna!

  2. Well explained wit live examples....

    With Regards,

  3. You have done your theory part very well. good:)

    People do not give bribe because others say so but because without that their job will not be done by the men and women sitting in the offices. This is the practical.

    I say this because I have tried hard not to pay it.

    Nobody listens to the definition of bribe, but their attitude is that you share with us what you have. At least in Kerala it is like that. I do not know in other parts of India.

  4. @ Prasanna : We are lucky enough to have uniformity in bribery all over India ji !!! You are really right, unless you bribe - there are certain field which never works !!!