Saturday, 30 April 2011

Facebook Spectrum - A innovative Application !!!

Now almost everyone who uses Internet uses Facebook !!! It has grown tremendously in recent past !!! Now there are many interesting applications in Facebook !!! Today we are to see about Facebook Spectrum !!!
Facebook Spectrum is an attractive application which helps you build more contact with your friends !!! Rather than telling more about this, I feel it would be better if you people experience it !!!

Firstly, Just click here !!!

You can see a window as shown in figure !!!

Click on Login button (right top) as indicated in figure !!!

Then a window will open Requesting permission for accessing Basic Information !!! Click Allow button !!!

It may take some time to load, depending upon net speed !!! Then you can find the window as shown below !!!

The specialty is, the options listed on left side !!!

I feel, experience is better than explanation !!! So let me leave it in your hand !!! Just experience the mesmerizing features of this application !!!

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