Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New and Effective tool for Virus Removal - Microsoft !!!

Most of use Microsoft as our operating platform !!! Our system is pron to dangerous virus which are released day by day !!! Now, Microsoft has come out with an efficient virus removal tool to protect our system from virus !!!
Ya !!! Its true !!! Its a portable application by Microsoft !!! (You can download it and use it !!! No need to install !!!) Its just 70MB file which has details about all latest virus !!! The most significant aspect is Safety scanner, disinfects all existing and potential viruses too !!!  All you have to do is follow the below mentioned steps !!!

1. Click here to download Microsoft Safety Scanner !!!

2.  Run the downloaded file !!!

3. Select the scan type !!! The window as shown below will appear !!! Its better to go for full scan !!!

4. Once scan type is selected, scanning process begins !!! Sample picture is shown below !!!

5. It may take some time depending upon the content stored and scan will be completed and virus present will be removed !!!

Note: This Safety Scanner shall be used only 10 days from the date of download !!! After 10 days, you need to download the file again and run it !!! This is to update its virus signature !!!

But the major advantage is that it removes all viruses which exists in our system !!! Since it is a portable tool, it cannot be affected easily by virus !!!

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