Sunday, 10 April 2011

20 year practice changed in a day !!! Part 1 !!!

India is one of the fastest growing country in the World !!! Also we are fastest depleting country in terms of our culture and tradition !!! This post is an analysis of why it happened ?!?!
We Indians are known for our culture and tradition !!! But as per India, GDP is inversely proportional to culture !!! Emerging IT trend has created many word in Indian history !!! Dating, Chatting, Poking and lot many !!! We say that we have changed as time demands !!! But truth is that we changed for our better earning !!!

We people think that eating Idli, Dosa or any Indian item as prestige issue !!! We more often go with Pepsi, Pizza, Burger etc !!! We have changed our entire food style for betterment of our future !!!

Now We all know that 8/10 college students enter IT company with a dream of getting a friend of opposite gender !!! This is because still more number of colleges / universities have strict rules that people of opposite gender should not talk to each other !!!

I would compare our wish with rubber band !!! How much you try to control, that much it will fly !!!

A person was not allowed to talk with a girl till May month and from June month he needs to work with five or six girls in his batch !!! Do you think he is a boy or robot ?!?! He could be having some unwanted wishes in his mind !!! At one point or another (if person cannot control himself or if girl just tempts) the boy bursts out his feelings !!!

This is the mighty wrong practice !!! We have different culture and tradition till our college days and all of sudden we Westernize our self when we reach office !!! Only location changes but the person remains same by inside !!!

I never mean to blame any boy or girl for this !!! Its quite healthy to maintain good relationship between a boy and a girl !!! But it should be done in a gradual manner !!! Our current system is like shifting from first gear to fifth gear directly !!! This will damage our gear system !!!

Only request I would make to you people is, don't doubt your friends or siblings or child or anyone when they talk with opposite gender !!! The words you speak for fun may have strong impact in their heart and it could induce some wrong feeling !!!

Everyone of us might have seen numerous love stories resulting due to teasing or ragging !!! In case of some matured personnel, this ragging never matters !!! But in case of a person with weak heart, they start believing that there is possibility that what you say might happen and they develop some feeling within themselves !!!

There is an theory stating that love generally happens between Two matured or Two immature people !!!

We have seen lot of girl/boy saying that - "I was interacting with you just like friend !! You took it in wrong sense !! Sorry if I hurt you !!!"

This may be the result of love between a mature and immature personnel !!!

Generally all immature person think that all girl in universe loves them !!! They don't know that girl's eye is like a painting !!! It will appear as if it is seeing you from wherever you see !!! And in case if you like that girl, then there is further more complications !!!

My humble request is, Guys/Girls make up your mind to face the challenges !!! If you find a immature person better make your thought clear that what idea you have on him !!! Please don't let him/her develop their own thoughts !!! This could avoid lot of suicides and drug addicts !!!

(To be Continued)

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