Monday, 18 April 2011

Pleasures Missed by Youngster !!!

I am one of those people who stay away from our family !!! This post is all about the feelings one posses when we reach our home !!! This post is dedicated to all people who are away from their home !!!

Let me make you one thing clear !!! It is not so easy to live always with our family in these competitive world !!!

We need to equip ourselves with talents and prepare ourself in facing modern challenges !!! We need to choose a right institute for our studies !!! It should be convenient for us too !!! If we are lucky to get such institute near your hometown, you are really lucky !!!

Actually I would like to see this case in two categories !!!

1. Parents leaving their child !!!
2. Child leaving their parents !!!

When we are studying in our primary school or even below, our decision making capability is almost nil !!! At that time, parents decide on behalf of children !!! If they think that the child may become a great person if he/she is educated somewhere else, they prefer to stay away from the child !!!

Second case is when child selects his/her high school / college / profession !!! We take this decision to equip ourself !!! In this case we convince our parents and we get ready to miss them voluntarily !!!

But both this missing are for benefit of child !!!

But how does a child feel when he/she visits his/her home after a considerable duration ?!?!

I think, this post may be appealing emotionally because I am one of the guy who often face this situation !!! So it is a chance for me to share my own feelings too !!! Anyone who wants to take a call on this can please comment or mail us to !!!

Let me start from our day to day activities !!! The first thing probably many of us do is to brush !!! We won't be finding our brush in the stands !!! We wont find our towels, bath soaps etc in place !!! And most importantly we need assistance of our parents or servants to search our things in our home !!!

These activities makes us feel bit un-easy !!! Though many of us wont expose this, this things do hurt !!!

The most important and significant thing will be this !!! Our new neighbours will be questioning us for our identity when they enter our house !!! This will make the situation more complex !!!

In this modern scenario, we people get a maximum leave duration of 15 days / six months !!! How to manage those 15 days !?!? We need to meet our parents and spend considerable time with them !!! Of course they will be having some job list ready for our arrival !!! After completing parents list, we proceed towards our friends and spend time with them and in this process, we reach our deadline of 15 days !!!

Have you notice, we forgot our relatives totally in this process !!! I am sure, generations cannot be blamed !!! Our peer pressure is forcing us to do so !!! Modern networks make people search for unknown people and we all chat with unknown friends and in the mean course we forget our known relatives !!!

Many of us never get a chance of attending any of our family functions !!! I swear I could not attend any of my cousins marriage !!! Hope many of you would travel with me in this !!!

What does this Idle mind of youngster do ?!?!?

Idle mind is the devil's workshop !!! The youngster has been cut from his root and has been planted in different area !!! His parents are not there !!! His friends circle is not there !!! He is in totally new environment !!! He may sustain family fever in this situation !!! He gets remind about small happenings in his family !!! He begins to compare the activity he does at present with the past activity performed by his parents/ friends !!! This leads to some depression !!!

As time goes on, to make him display as an interactive and to hide his pain, he starts searching for his new friends and hopefully gets them !!! This cycle continues !!!

But youngsters are experts in holding their depression !!! They cannot be caught red handed !!! But these depression exists in their life !!! I have personally felt it !!! Hope you too did so !!! Many of our eyes gets wet during our return journey from home !!! But we never express it !!! All these are parts and parcel of the life !!!

This modern world has given us many means to communicate with our friends and parents !!! So lets make best out of them and never miss them !!! Every problem has solution and the solution for this problem is regular contact with our loved ones !!!

Please call your parents / friends / loved ones now !!!

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