Saturday, 9 April 2011

Decision Making - Few Tips for Improvements !!!

Decision making is one of the important capability that everyone should possess !!! But recent survey says many youngsters lack in this capability !!! Here are few examples of decision making capabilities which could be a lesson for us !!!
Many of us would have heard this phrase in our life - "I need to do this because my friend is to do it" !!!

Is this true friendship !!?? Many of us will say yes, but few analyst says "This phrase arises due to in-ability of taking own decision" !!!

India has very good education system !!! Many of us are given very good education !!! We are technically strong enough to face the world, but we lack in approaches !!! We fall short in our managerial skills !!! When it comes to decision making - we either depend on our philosophers, parents or mainly friends !!!

Analysis was done on this mentality of people !!! There were two results !!!

1. Indians are naturally emotional and they value their relation more.
2. Indian youngsters fear to take decision on their own.

Lets elaborate both with a simple case !!! Just now, I had a telephonic conversation with my friend !!! I asked him about his future plan !!! He told me that he has got interview call from two companies but on same date !!! I asked him which one he will attend !!! His answer stunned me !!!

He told "One of my friend has also applied with me !!! So I will agree to attend the company whatever he selects" !!!

Now lets analyse this case - As per theory 1:

Indians value relations more and they stick to relation !!! But is this the place to display your relation bondage !!! In my view - if you are really true friend of him and value his relation more, why should you become competitor for him in this interview !!! If you both people are at the elimination round facing each other, would you come forward to give up that time !!! This question is always unanswered !!!

Now as per theory 2: 

We Indians are known for blame games !!! Not only Indians but any person in the World would love to do so !!! We need someone to lean upon !!! If we get positive result out of the dependent decision, we take the credit !!! If something occurred wrongly, we have a person to point !!! 

Going somewhat deeper, may be our growth itself suppress our decision making ability !!! We people usually never take any major decision in our life till we are hardly 20 years old !!!

As it was mentioned in movie Three Idiots, a child was born by 8.21 Pm and by 8.22Pm its designation has been finalized !!! Our carrier is our biggest decision, but most of us never play a part in deciding it !!!

From our childhood, our parents select the best school for us !!! They even select our friends !!! When we play or talk to some people, our parents force us not to do so !!! They select your dress, cycle and everything !!! At last they determine your carrier !!! 

The first decision any youngster will take is, "What college should I join" ??? In this too his field was already predetermined (ie. Medical or engineering was already decided by parents) !!!

After 18 years of time, for the first time an individual gets a chance to decide !!! How you could expect him to select himself !!! HE automatically rely on some of his sources !!! The main source of information during those days will be his college mates / friends !!! So automatically this guy is influenced by them !!!

I see this in more macroscopic view !!! I feel that his is the main reason for a person to get adapted to the practices of his friends !!! Individual gets confused weather to stick with his practice or to follow his friends !!! Hence, this proverb is in use - "Show me your friend - I will tell about you" !!!

Because many of us are just a carbon copy of the people living around us !!! We take some of the inputs from all around us !!! This is mainly due to our lack of decision making ability !!!

And one more thing, we people also are not good in standing in our decision !!!

Lastly, what should we do to improve our decision making ability !!!

1. Take any decision of your own !!! If you are more confused, atleast go for chit !!! Good or bad decision should be yours !!! Consultation from others is vital but end decision should be yours !!!
2. You could have waited 20 years to take your first decision !!! But let your son/daughter make their own decision at earlier age !!!
3. Keep this in mind while taking decision - "There is noone in this world who have never made a mistake in decision !!! Also there is noone in this World who has never made correct decision !!!"

Hope this post has got few tips which could be useful for your future !!! Kindly decide positively about our blog and recommend it to your friends and relatives !!! Do vote in INDLI, if we deserve !!!

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