Sunday, 17 April 2011

How to fix Bribe Amount !!!

We all know that India is one of the World leaders in corruption !!! This is mainly because of bribe !!! As per law, giving and receiving bribe both are crime !!! But in current scenario, almost nothing will happen without bribing !!! This post is a detailed analysis of bribe !!!
Let me ask you a straight forward question - "How much should we bribe?"

Assume that you will be benefited with Rs.5000 !!! How much will you be ready to bribe to get that amount !!! I am damn sure, you wont offer more than 2500 !!! But I personally feel there could be some norms !!! We can proudly say that we follow uniformity in bribing !!!

Govt has long ago accepted that bribe cannot be avoided from our routine life !!! So why can't they fix a table !!! Something like tax - May be bribe tax !!! We pay 13.5% of any product as VAT tax !!! Like that let govt fix a fixed amount for bribe also !!! At least this will bring uniformity !!! Even Govt can enforce tax for bribe !!!

Now - Why we bribe ?!?

I won't pay anyone unless I am benefited !!! So when I bribe, it means that I am not perfect !!! To hide something from someone or to fasten by job - I may bribe !!! But have we ever thought how our bribe could have impact on others !?!?

Consider this example !!! I am applying for a loan !!! I have all the documents ready with me !!! But I need the loan in shorter duration !!! So I approach an agent, bribe him and he does the same with officer !!! Our loan gets processed and payment will be made !!! Have we ever cared about the true person who has applied for loan before us and still waits behind us in q !!!

This scenario is evident !!! This made many people decide that our job won't be done unless we bribe !!! But is this true ?!?!

We go to hotel, server serves food for us !!! It is his duty to serve food for us and he has been paid for the same !!! But we people give him tips after his service !!! If we didn't tip him, we will be treated odd the next day !!! Is this not bribe ?!?! Why we pay for person who does his job ?!?! When a person tip him, he automatically starts expecting the same from everyone !!! So when a person doesn't tip, he is treated alike !!!

This is the scenario happening in all Govt organizations also !!! We gave people money for performing their duty !!! Something like bonus !!! But now, it has become habit for those people to expect money from us even for performing their duty !!!

Now this is the serious problem !!! How much should you bribe !?!? As the level of person increases, expectation increases !!! Suppose a clerk is given 50Rs, manager expects Rs500 !!! But is there any standard ?!?! Why can't govt think in this regard ?!?! Govt cannot stop corruption, since it itself is corrupted !!! At least let them fix the bribe slab, so that person who has to buy X property will be prepared for paying Y more as bribe !!!

Its high time for we people to think !!! We everyone has huge loan amount over our head !!! We will loose our independence even, if our loan amount goes uncontrollable !!! But even now, we are least bothered about our future !!! This post is just a pinch given to people to think in this regard !!!

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