Thursday, 14 April 2011

Freshers Not Preferred for Job !!!

We often come across this phrase !!! There is a vacancy in our company, but we need experienced personnel !!! This post may give you a clear view of why Company prefer experienced personnel over freshers !!!
First of all, thanks to IT field !!! If this field didn't boom, our life would have bend like a question mark !!! I would like to start with small question !!!

Directly into the topic - "Who is a fresher" !?!?!?

Fresher is any boy / girl who has never worked for a concern till date !!!

What are Qualities the fresher possess ?!?!

Let me match this situation with a small story !!! How will I react when I ride my own bike for first time !!! Though I know driving, the tale is entirely different when it comes to My bike !!! I would have dreamed a lot about my bike !!! I treat it as my passion and guard it like a soldier in LOC !!!

The same happens in case of job too !!! We all know to work !!! But when we get a first job, our emotional level will be more than mental !!! We try to impress our seniors by our hard work !!! We see quick improvement for ourself !!!

Why Freshers are NOT PREFERRED !?!?

Freshers are energy filled packets !!! They display their full energy in work !!! You could note this, in every company the fresher will be more frequently contacted in case of any computer oriented or technology oriented help !!! But when a fresher approaches any supervisor with a more innovative but rare question - the answer will be DON'T ACT TOO SMART !!! You cannot hold my chair in a day !!! It would take time for you to reach here !!! (This happens almost everywhere !!! But not everywhere !!!)


Here comes few shocking factors !!!

The subject we study and work we perform hardly matches !!!

Most importantly freshers cannot do politics !!!

Generally jobs in industries are monotonous !!! The job you today will be the same for next ten years !!! There is no wonder for a person becoming expert in his field after TEN years of monotonous working !!!

Research says that, many companies prefer experienced people more because to avoid training cost and time !!! They reduce the training cost and spend it in different aspect !!!

But are they in Correct Path ?!?!?

In my view, companies are in correct path !!! Many companies select freshers in some innovative or change oriented field !!! They prefer to stay with Experienced people in monotonous jobs !!! This is the reason why, IIT, NIT, IIM are in huge demand !!! These people will be taken into business development sector and they will formulate some creative ideas !!!

Till those people excel, companies monotonous activities are overtaken by experienced lot !!!

In short, Fresher makes it & Experienced follows it !!!

Its very nice to see the above mentioned lines !!! It is what our Ex-President mentioned !!! It is the dream come true !!!

But what about students from other institute !? How can they get recruited ?!

1. Government should make a rule that some percentage of freshers shall be recruited from the state / city in which company is about to set up !!!
2. A major change in our educational system !!! Making it more practical oriented !!! This may reduce the training requirement of a company !!!
3. This step is already in move !!! Companies shall start their own training centers where people shall get trained for the job they need to perform in future !!! Companies like Reliance, L & T, Essar have this system in place !!!

Lastly, Tips for Freshers !!!

Freshers have no need to get depressed !!! They can join in some Govt or private enterprises as Trainees !!! The biggest problem all companies face is to retain people !!! Nowadays Human Resource is of great concern !!! This is a positive symbol for freshers !!! Now some industrial giants have come forward to start their own institute and train the students and recruit directly !!! This will very soon happen in almost all industries !!!

Statistics says that freshers recruitment rate have rocketed for past 10 years !!! But still, un-employment rate too exists !!! This may be due to increase in educational rate !!!

As education rate increases, job demand increases !!! To proportionate this, industries development rate should increase !!! Now there is a mismatch in these rates !!! Govt has focused now in increasing industries development rate and this is a real positive sign for all !!!

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