Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Electricity - The pulse of developing World !!!

We are the SIXTH largest energy consumers in the World !!! And for any developing country, Electricity is the hear beat !!! Mostly all our day to day activities depend on electricity !!! This post is all about our electricity needs and demands !!!

I could be proud in saying that our power production has gone up to 171926 MW !!! But still we have demand of 7 -11 % !!! This makes us worry !!! Actually this post is to analyze where this scarcity occurs !!!

For past 30 years, our power demand raises by 3.6% per annum !!! This is mainly due to increase in rural electrification and of course industrialization !!! But we are faced shortage before thirty years and still we are falling short !!!

I never believe in numbers !!! But for people who believe in numbers - "Why are numbers / statistics made" !?!? We know very well that our demand is going to raise on a average of 3.6% every year !!! We also opened doors for many MNC and sanctioned approvals for many industries !!! But have we equipped us with power supply ?!?!?

This is the drama happening in India !!! We welcome all companies to start business in India, but when they set up their firm we cannot provide them with power !!! Govt will prioritize domestic consumers and keep the MNC's wait for power !!! Is this fair !?!? If this situation exists, how will foreigners invest on us and how our GDP will shoot up ?!?!

I am very sorry to refer Mr. Modi again and again !!! But we should learn many things from him !!! Gujarat has ZERO POWER CUTS !!! For your kind information - name any sector you know !!! You will find all business giants / industrialists in Gujarat !!! How he is able to manage !!! Its where planning comes into picture !!!

Let me tell you, 15795 MW of power was added in Financial Year 2010-11 !!! Out of which 31 % is from Gujarat !!! Even though Gujarat has capability of meeting its power demand, at present numerous power projects are in consideration !!!

I should honour Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka & Kerla in one aspect !!! It South which utilized renewable power to better extent !!! 50% of renewable power supplied were from AP, TN, KL & KA !!!

But Gujarat is smart !!! Now Mr. Modi is in Renewable energy sector too !!! But this time its no competition with other states !!! Its competition with the rest of the World !!!

Yes - Gujarat is to have first TIDAL POWER project in Asia !!! MoU was signed for the same in Vibrant Gujarat !!! Since Gujarat is gifted with sea coasts, they are into this also !!! Also, plenty of tax deductions were given to companies which produce power by renewable means !!!

I came to know that Gujarat also leads India in carbon Credit !!!

Still 34.5% of Indians are not accessible to electricity !!! We claim that India is to be supremo in the World !!! I accept, there are also villages in America and Japan !!! But I personally feel that for becoming supremo, we need to provide basic facility to these people !!! After all they are also our Indians !!!

There is a shocking Trivia !!! India's shortage in electricity resulted in GDP also !!! India's GDP is said to be down by 1.5% due to electrical shortage !!!

India's estimated power production by 2030 is 625000 MW !!! It means, we need to increase our power generation by 23846 MW every year !!! In this case, India's GDP will raise to double digit !!!

I am really amazed that even after knowing that electricity is such a serious issue, we people are not caring to save it !!! Government care to telecast their 5 yrs achievement - but not the importance of saving electricity !!! At least we people take the responsibility on our shoulders !!! Lets communicate the wonders electricity can do in development of a country !!!

Save electricity - Let this be the motto of everyone who read this post !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Do vote in INDLI, if we deserve !!!

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