Monday, 4 April 2011

Miracle that happened in my life !!!

India is a nation where cricket is a religion !!! I am one of the biggest fan of Indian Cricket but I was to travel during World Cup final match !!! I thought it would be very horrible journey !!! But a miracle happened !!! Thanks to Unknown friend who gave me a chance to see the WC match !!!
It was 10AM in morning and I was opening my Lap to see a movie !!! Once I opened my Lap, a person opposite to me rushed and asked me for a help !!! That help took me to cloud nine !!!

He had a BSNL 3G network with him and he needs a Lap to use it !!! Being a cricket fan how can I say no to it !!! Would u believe or not, I immediately said Ok and took his Data card !!! We waited for match to begin !!! Thanks to Espn Star Network for their live telecast online !!!

Once match started, we could feel our seats getting filled !!! There were around 30 - 40 people trying to find their feet in our area !!! As Lankan's had a commanding start, our people got disappointed a bit !!!

BSNL has a very good coverage !!! But in some areas, even it could not help us !!! We were able to see 60% of Lankan innings !!! It was 43rd over when our train reached Nagpur !!! TTE was also with us !!! One of the passengers was begging TTE to stop the train in Nagpur since completion of Lankan innings !!! TTE expressed his disability with smile !!!

When Indian innings begun, we got our net disconnected !!! We could get it from end of first over !!! We were not even able to see Shewag on our laptop screen !!! As our openers got out cheaply, our population gradually started decreasing !!! After a steady partnership by Kohli and Gambhir we got some crowd back !!!

But cursing started when everyone saw Dhoni at number 4 !!! But being a die hard Dhoni fan, I could not do so !!! I too had few people to defend Dhoni !!! His slow start stabilized the innings and we people were taking blame for our Dhoni !!!

But when he started his flow, we started reverting back !!! Believe or not, entire pantry crew shifted to our seat and our population went up to 50 !!! There was no water... no food... until India won !!! We all people were froze in our place and waited for our victory !!!

It was a commanding innings by Dhoni and Gambhir !!! We could see the fire in his eyes and Gambhir also got some advices for his mistakes done !!!

Finally a SIX which we were waiting for came from Dhoni's bat and our TTE offered Tea for all 50 people free of cost !!! We could see crackers everywhere !!!

We people don't know each other before !!! We don't know weather we will see him the next day !!! But that EIGHT hours, we were united as friends !!! We shared our happiness and worries !!! Almost people from all states of India were available !!! This is what we say UNITY IN DIVERSITY !!!

I don't know weather such a thing happened anywhere !!! But I experienced it for first time in my life !!! But I am damn sure, that journey will never vanish from my Memory !!!

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