Monday, 11 April 2011

Seesaw - Its a game of life !!!

Many of us in our early ages would have played seesaw !!! Even today, when we are out with our childhood friends, we may prefer to play seesaw with them !!! But the seesaw we are to discuss in this post is something different !!!
I am a mad fan of Indian cricket !!! I am one of the most happiest guy when MSD lifted the World cup !!! I also agree that these talents have to be appreciated !!! Our state government announced some crores, few plots and many other offers to Indian cricket team !!! But the answer for one simple question made me shocked !!!

When you give money to your parents, the first thing they will ask is - "How u got this much money" !!?! The same question was asked to politicians - how they got money !!! Was it allocated in budget !?!? Was it given by individuals pocket ?!?!

Government of Delhi, Maharastra have paid players from Educational Fund !!!

Karnataka Government allocated plots from future development plans for the state !!!

And last but not least, no research could find out where the money came from for Tamil Nadu government !!!

Now my question is very simple !!! Can money allocated for Children's Education plan used to applause Cricket players ?!?!?!?

If your answer is yes, here is a shocking news for you !!! Generally our government assure prize money for players, coach and support staff !!! Report says that prize money announced after winning 2007 World cup (T20) has still not been delivered to many people of Indian team !!! But the money has been taken from the state's treasury !!!

If your answer is no, then you belong to my category !!! I personally feel that sachin or any player should be informed from where that money has come from !!! If they came to know the source is from educational fund, I am damn sure atleast 50 %  of team members will return the prize amount !!!

But my question is, where does sense of state government gone ?!!? Why should they announce such a huge prize money, even after knowing that these money was not allocated in their budget !!!

Here too I cannot control myself from appreciating Mr. Narendra Modi !!! He has announced 1 lak for Munaf and Yusuf !!! But he has announced Munaf for the highest award for sports in Gujarat !!! He is the right manager !!! Cricketers have surpassed the money !!! All they expect from Govt is honour and respect !!! Mr. Modi is the only man who understood it !!!

All other state people were playing seesaw with their people !!! They collect from Tax payers and never think about giving any answer about the purpose the money has been used for !!!

See the contradiction !!! Richest state in India awarding only 1 lak !!! But one of the states which huge loan amount (TN) awarding 4 Crore !!!

How can these people understand the meaning of economic balance and work in balancing it ?!!? I am literally frustrated !!! We need more Modi and more Nitish kumar !!! All we need is a person who knows what people exactly want and what could satisfy their needs !!!

My sincere request to Indian cricketers !!! Please guys, avoid accepting money from state governments !!! Because it may be the money of a middle class person who works 11 hours a day and suffers with backache !!! We people know, it takes years for you to get those money and we also know these money are just adding drop to ocean !!! But the drop is the sweat of a middle class person, so please help in utilizing it in proper manner !!! Please give a press meet that we reject all the cash and land !!! But truly you guys deserve Honour and Respect !!!

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