Friday, 1 April 2011

Are Indians a Living Magnet ?!?!?

In my school life I learnt that, when a magnet is suspended it aligns itself to North and South pole !!! This is nothing new !!! But I feel amazed when Indian people also tend to separate people as North Indian and South Indian !!! This post is dealt with a motto of narrowing the gap between two people !!! Please don't take this in wrong sense !!!
There are few questions which don't have an appropriate answer !!! One such question is the gap between North and South Indians !!! There is no history that there was a war or dispute between North and South people !!! But there is an assumption or wrong image about South Indians in North Indians mentality and vice versa !!!

Let me start with the basic !!! FOUR states of India Versus All other states of India(24) !!! People can compare - but there should be some common grounds !!!

One of the major factor for this discrimination is Language !!! 

God -> English !!! Kadavul -> Tamil !!! Bhagvan -> Hindi !!! Devudu -> Telugu !!!

All these words gives you same meaning !!! But we are not able to get actual essence of these words because we could not understand what exactly they mean to !!!

I used to see many Telugu and Hindi movies !!! It doesn't mean that I understand each and every dialog !!! In many places I assume that this dialog will be conveying this meaning !!!
This assumption is the biggest power with which every human is gifted with !!! It is as bad as its good !!! Sometimes, we mis-interrupt some sentence or phrases due to lack of understanding !!!

This is what happening between NORTH and SOUTH Indians !!!

We all have a common goal of development of our Nation !!! Lets work towards it !!!

I have seen many people saying that our north India is great where as some says our south India is great !!!

I am really amazed !!! Even Govt supports this discrimination !!! 

This gave rise to new question, why only North and South !?!? Where gone East and West !?!? 

There is a proverb in Tamil, "Ooru rendu patta koothaadikku kondaatam" which means that division of people makes circus man happy !!!

This discrimination has however kept politicians happy !!! Govt keep on releasing statistics about south and north India !!!

Education rate is more in South India !!! Kollywood cinema is the only Indian cinema which has got huge market abroad !!! South India is safer than north India !!!

Development rate is more in North India !!! Food cultivation has grown up in north India !!! North Indians are stronger than South Indians !!!

I have intentionally quoted few statistics released by Govt agencies !!! There is one hidden treasure in those !!! Just remove the word North and South from the above quotes !!! Then automatically we can rise our collar and say we are proud to be an Indian !!!

We people are now speaking about uniting the rivers of India !!! But I think uniting hearts of North and South Indians are more important than this !!! Please this is my humble request to 121 crore people !!! Where ever we are, we are Indians !!! Have emotion over our land !!! But see it in wider scope !!! First you are Indian !!! Then comes your state !!!

Even if we don't fight for unity, at least lets not spread diversity !!! Its too hard to join two pieces but its too easy to break it off !!! 

Hope this post was useful !!! I will be really happy even if single person changes his attitude after reading this post !!! Please do recommend this post to your friends and relatives !!! Do vote in INDLI if we deserve !!!


  1. i liked ur posting very much as i am also the being south indian facing these comments .Really people should realize that we all r Indians and remove the state feelings from mind.So many north indians have negative feeling abt south indians.
    Good Posting