Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Day Dream - Elections in India !!!

Imagination leads to creativity !!! We should have a dream to follow and achieve !!! This post is just a dream / wish I personally have !!! I wish this dream become a reality sooner !!!

I am basically from Tamil Nadu, India !!! The place where nearly 25,000 votes were registered for 49o !!! 49o means, unwillingness to vote !!!

Many youngsters were not guided properly to vote for 49o in many areas !!! This is because, 49o is not available in polling machine !!! The person willing to cast vote in 49o should write in register as I am not willing to vote and sign there !!! But many presiding officers (in polling booth) were not aware of it and they misguided many people !!!

This 49o was decided in 1961 by electoral commission !!! Even after 50 years of its introduction, we still don't have an option of 49o in our polling machine !!! Is this the democracy we have !?!?

Now what actually is 49o and what is its power ?!!?

Assume, a person won in a constituency with a lead of 500 votes !!! If the number of 49o votes polled in the same constituency is more than 500, polling will be cancelled and will have to be re-polled !!!

In this re-polling, candidates who competed in first polling cannot contest !!! This is because, people have already rejected those candidates !!! Now parties will be forced to go for more genuine candidates !!! Else, this time also people have rights to reject them by using 49o !!!

Now my question is, voting is to be done in privacy !!! Noone has rights to know who you voted for !!! Its democracy rule !!! But why is it necessary for a person to vote 49o out of privacy ?!?!

Is this because Govt thinks that if 49o is added in polling machine, number of 49o may increase !??!!?

Now my dream !!!

Can supreme court interfere in this issue and solve this problem ?!?!!?

Election commission becomes active only 3 months before elections !!! What would they be doing in rest of the period !?!?!? Can they be given power to monitor the ruling party ?!!?

Crore and crore of amount has been caught red handed by election commission before elections !!! Can election commission restrict the assurances to be given by parties before election ?!?!!? Because in Tamil Nadu its just like a business !!! People try to elect party by the extent of benefit they receive !!!

Suppose, a senior leader from a political party (from other state) can compete in this state (as well) !>!>!>

For example, a leading party of say X state can compete there and also compete in Y state !!! If the party wins, both the states will be ruled by a single individual !!! Is this possible !?!?!!?

Election commission shall arrange IT raid to all candidates immediately after submission of there property details !!!

If these above mentioned points are to be considered and at least few of them are taken into serious consideration, probably some visible improvements could be seen !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please recommend this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Do vote in INDLI, if we deserve !!!

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