Friday, 29 April 2011

The Unknown Power - Inner-heart !!!

We all know we possess some unknown power, but many of us don't use it !!! The reason is we don't believe its existence full heatedly !!! This post is to make you realize the inner power in you and to make full use of it !!!
We all would have at least faced one exam in our life time without proper preparation !!! We would have set alarm at 5Am !!! But we would have got up by 4.55Am and switch off the alarm !!! It is not only during exam time but also during travel or any important situation !!!

Do we have an inbuilt clock in us ?!?!!? How we woke up by time ?!?!!? Have you ever wondered !?!?!?

The reason is our Inner-heart !!! Since we have registered deeply in our heart that I should get up by 5Am, inner heart made me get up by time !!!

Now, Why can't we use this power for achieving something in our life !?!?!?

Should we only use our inner mind as alarm machine !?!?!? Why can't we deeply register our future goals and dreams there !?!?!?

There are two things basically needed to succeed in this trick !!!

1. Make a clear and deep thought.
2. Believe your inner heart fully.

I don't find anything wrong in trying this !!!

I myself have a inner thought !!! Wherever I fly, I believe that my luggage will be the last in the conveyor and till date, its always the last !!!

Many of us generally confuse our inner heart with sub conscious power !!!

Assume, I am travelling in a vehicle !!! I need to make a right turn now !!! Something in my mind forces me to Apply brake !!! By doing so, I see a truck coming through the same road !!! If I had not applied brake, probably there might have been an accident !!! This situation is sub conscious power !!!

It does not have any scientific proof !!! But all statistics and psychologists believe the existence of inner heart !!!

Foresee yourself beyond the boundary lines !!! Imagine how your life will be after 5 years and how you want to craft it !!! Them make a strong thought in your inner heart !!! It will take you to the destination !!!

We all might have seen several movies how zero becomes hero in last 20 minutes of the film !!! It is the determination in inner heart which makes him bear any hurdle which he may face in reaching his ultimate goal !!!

Lets believe our inner heart !!! Believe in our self !!!

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