Wednesday, 13 April 2011

F_R_I_E_N_D_ !!!

India is a country where we have 917 girls for every 1000 boys !!! But even today, a boy or a girl cannot express free to their counter part !!! This post is an analysis and may be treated as continuation of 20 years practice changed in one day !!!
This post is a brainchild of a TV program !!! Of course necessary remix will be done from my side !!! Thanks to Star Vijay for providing such an essential program !!!

Lets start with this - Why a boy need a girl friend ?!?!!?

The first and foremost reason is - "I need a girl friend because my friends have girl friends" !!!

If a guy is without a girl friend, he suffers inferiority complex !!! He begins to think that he has some faults within himself !!! His confidence level goes down !!!

This depression in him generally have huge impact when that boy talks to a girl !!!

All what he wants to do is to impress that girl !!! To impress, he collects all relevant data about her !!! Makes rehearsal and performs well in front of her !!! He starts wearing a mask for himself - hiding his true character !!!

Now, how does girls react to these boys ?!!?

Many girls claim that they could very well identify such a guy with his body language !!! They enjoy the stammer and they enjoy the cowardliness in that guy !!!

But how long will this last ?!?!?

Generally its very difficult for any boy to meet a girl and ask her to be friend !!! Before approaching a girl, he needs to analyze her likes / dislikes and prepare his speech in that way !!! Also he need to ensure that girl should not complaint to her brother / parents and more importantly police !!! So he stammers and his confidence level is generally down during first meet !!! But as relationship grows, the actual man in him emerges out !!! Girls really face a difficult situation now !!! They may be seeing a totally different personality in him !!!

How about chatting with opposite sex ?!?!?

Chatting is the biggest gift the world has given to present generation !!! Let it be known or unknown - keep on chatting !!! But what level it takes you too !!!

Chatting is seen in two levels !!! Chatting with known and chatting with unknown !!! Everyone gets shocked when they see a girl chatting with unknown boy !!! But there is nothing wrong in it !!! Everything in this is game played by our harmone !!!

But the question is what boys look for in chatting !?!?!?

Survey says that unknown boys and unknown girls chat mainly for two things !!! One is Financial Needs and other is Physical Needs !!!

But even after knowing this, many boys and girls fall prey to modern disease called - Internet Syndrome !!!

This means the addiction the young personnel have towards Internet !!! We have seen many people chatting in net burning their mid-night candles !!! Generally, it is easy for a person to impress opposite gender via social networks !!! This is because, he gets an initial idea about the girl / boy by seeing their profile !!! He just attempts to chat with HI !!! If reply comes, continue !!! If not - select another !!!

Fact 1 : Girls are very intelligent !!!

Fact 2 : These intelligent girls can be cheated very cheaply !!!

One thing that girls need to realize - " All that glitters are not gold & Not necessarily all Gold should glitter" !!!

Foreigners refer Indians as sentimental idiots !!! But I feel proud in giving the same title to our young girls !!! Just tell her one of your story in an emotional manner and make sure you captured her relationship !!! Today many crimes are result of this !!!

1. The boy visits the girl's profile and get her data !!!
2. Using the data, he starts his chat in emotional way !!!
3. Girl believe that boy may be true and fall in prey !!!
4. Then comes real nature of the boy !!!
5. The girl breaks up !!!
6. Boy hacks her account and posts bad about herself and spamming contents !!!

The above mentioned case may be applicable to most of the cases !!!

Now lets see the totally different demand !!! It is during the marriage time !!!

Now, Boy starts demanding things !!! He needs girl to sing, dance and do satisfy all his needs !!! Now girls are left with no order !!! The same boy who changed himself for the girl now expects the girl to change for him !!! This is where many divorces happen !!!

Girls generally like being praised !!! Of course every guy knows it and that's the reason they are (p)raised during love period !!! This is part of the mask worn by the individual !!! But after marriage, he removes his mask and he acts as an original !!! Though girls like originality, they need to make some changes and reduce their expectations to opt to the guy !!! This is where mismatch lies !!! The mismatch exits till both spend some time and counsel together !!! If this doesn't happen - court notice comes into picture !!!

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  1. Good one...Hope u made lot of analysis.....Also i guess it could be by ur experience wit gal frndzzzz......