Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Kind or Strict - Rethink before you select ?!!??!

Any job can be executed in two manner !!! Kind or Strict !!! Now its a crucial question in our World !!! Weather to be kind or Strict and to what extent !?!? In this post we have summarized few of cases !!!
Every man in the universe should know that there is a thin line between kind and strict !!! Many people try to travel on those line but either fall in one of these categories !!! Statistics says that many people in the World pretend to be strict !!! They have a thought that being strict could gain them more benefits than being kind !!!

We human being are social animals !!! We need support from others for our survival !!! The very first thing we expect when we enter any new place is a person to talk with !!!

As per psychology, people need kindness from their boss and adapt to be strict to their sub ordinates !!! We people have variation in our thought !!! We need all good things to happen to us but we never care about other's situation !!! This is where empathy comes into discussion !!!

There is a proverb that "Its easy to advice people but its difficulty could be felt only when we follow" !!! We people still speak about Mother Therasa !!! That's only because of her kindness !!! I never expect all of us to be like her !!! Its virtually impossible too !!! But we all should have some courtesy, Sympathy in ourselves !!!

My sincere advice to everyone is that decide your path !!! Decide to be either strict or kind !!! The following data will help you decide !!!

Let me take a practical case !!!

Consider you are the manager of a concern !!! You reach your work spot in Air conditioned car !!! Once you reach, you descend from car and see some worker sitting under a tree (during work hour) !!!

Now you could react in either kind or strict way !!!

If you are a strict person, worker will change his action in an instant and start acting (at least) in front of you !!!

If you are a kind person, worker would have offered you a tea and will tell you what was really happening !!!

Now this make the difference !!! Since you are kind - people think you also care for them !!! And of course if you are strict - people think you care only for yourself !!!

But being too strict or being too kind is also dangerous !!!

Being too strict - people start to give false statements, try to distract our attention towards them and more importantly they make fun of us !!!

Being too kind - People take advantage on you, you may loose your identity and others idea may also be imposed on you !!!

There is a universal saying that "Act according to situation" !!!

But I would like to quote one sentence which my boss uses often, "Every person in a human being and they also have dream over there family and profession" !!!

Keep this golden phrase in the back of your mind !!! Just think once before getting angry and let me say you one last thing - " Love Makes Life Beautiful " !!! So be kind as you can and earn more people in your life bank !!!

Hope this will make you think in upcoming days !!! This is just a replication of what we see !!! If you like this blog, please recommend this to all you know !!! Do vote in INDLI, if we deserve !!!

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