Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fear and Respect - How many of us know the difference ?!?!

I start this post with respect but without fear !!! We people are expert in confusion !!! We confuse many terms !!! One such word which we often mis-understand is Fear and Respect !!! In this post we see how these terms are mis-used !!!Lets start with a practical case !!! You are in a public place(say hotel) !!! Your boss is with you !!! I have noticed many people feeling totally un-comfortable during this period of time !!! If the hotel is in area of the sub ordinate then he will mark his presence by his command !!!

We might be sitting next to person who is even more talented or more in position than our boss !!! But we can't make our self comfortable before our boss !!! Especially when a person takes hot drinks, I have seen them hiding their face from their boss !!! But the story is different after few rounds !!!

On seeing such people, I have personally asked few why its happening !!?? The answer I got it - Respect !!!

If it is respect, it should be also given to the person who is in more higher position than your boss !!! This is were fear comes into play !!!

We people always have some fear with in us !!! Maslow's hierarchy of need to say the same but in different tone !!!

Famous psychologist quotes that - "We people fear about tomorrow and worry today" !!! For these sort of people, tomorrow is always there !!! They are more focused about their future and not about the present living !!!

Now the co-relation between these psychology and our topic !!! We people try to impress our superiors and in-fact many of us become their slaves !!! Many people loose their self respect to lead their life !!!

But is this necessary ?! Many people do this for ensuring their position in this competitive World !!! This is not a real fair game !!! Now in many companies, we could hear people saying that if you need to exist in office, we should follow these ways !!!

Even in this scenario, there are few people who value themselves and value others too !!! They never expect their sub ordinates to be slaves nor they be !!! But due to the above mentioned people, the problem faced by these people are enormous !!!

But one thing I noticed - "All people who know their value always demand respect and will be mostly talented" !!!

Is that means that all people who fear for their  bosses are un-talented ?!? 

But one thing is for sure, for people who are not really strong in their work aspects will be fearing in front of their bosses !!! But who knows anything can happen in absence of his boss !!!

My finding is that, every person knows the difference between fear and respect !!! But the person who values himself follows it and the person who is ready to loose self respect wore a mask of fear in front of his superior !!!

Hope this post gave you some idea of the actual scenario which prevails everywhere !!! My sincere advice is that, people who value themselves might have some anger nature !!! But that anger will not hurt you !!! But never expect any value from other kind of people, because they never even value themselves !!!

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