Monday, 25 April 2011

If I am a ... !!!

Many of us would have faced this sort of situation in this life !!! Imagining our self in other's position and advising or suggesting or mainly criticize them !!! But are we doing our part right !?!?!?!?
Let me begin with a very simple question (for people without job), What would be the type of job you expect ?!?!?!?

How many of us would have answer for this question !?!?!? Many of us need job !!! We know our strengths and weakness but we don't know what job we want !!!

I have asked this question to many of my friends and got an answer !!! It was " I need Job with Rs.15,000 Salary !!!

I just asked him, how he came to a conclusion of Rs.15000 !?!?

The answer given by him was, "My classmate was paid same amount" !!!

Is it not a shame to us !?!?

We don't know our need !!! How could we be in better position to comment / suggest others !!!???

Many of us might have blamed many politicians for their scams !!! But we really forget to imagine how they see such a big value !!! For example, if we get a Rs.100000 today, we will spend it with ease !!! Because we all have our dream of how to spend this amount !!! But if we get 100 crores, how many of us have a plan to spend that money !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

We never plan big !!! Mr.Abdul Kalam rightly said "Dream Big" !!! Though we may be from middle class family, our dream must have no limits !!! This is what dream big is !!! If you ask any 21 year old guy what is your dream, he will say 25000 salary with a white coloured job, a two bedroom apartment in city outer and a good looking wife !!!

Is this dream big philosophy !?!?

Psychology says, We become what we dream !!! So now its in our hand to decide our dream path !!!

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  1. nice one.. dream big but it should not stop wit dreamin actions must follow...