Friday, 25 March 2011

Why Should I Work ?!?!?!?

Its high time to discuss politics everywhere !!! Being a poor guy from Tamil Nadu, its one of my prime concern of communicating World about the assurances we get before election !!! This post has all no extra assurances (other than declared by politicians) but its quoted in an imaginary manner !!!
When I was studying my high school, there was a lesson in English !!! It was about a doctor who never says lie to his patient !!! If a patient is having any serious disease, he used to express it openly !!! Everyone knows about his character !!! Once his friend fell sick and he white washed his lips for the very first time !!! His friend believed his word and had a miraculous recovery !!!

What the above story got to do with this context !?!?!? U can lie if it is extremely necessary and if it is to save a individual or a group of personnel !!! But our politicians does lie to us for the sake of power !!!

By the lie pronounced by the doctor - life of a personnel was saved !!! But by the lie pronounced by the politicians - crores are earned !!!

Now let me just brief you the assurances given by our major political parties (DMK & AIADMK)

FIVE time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu - Mr. Karunanidhi is known for his liberal and generous heart !!! But the contradictory is, Ms. Jayalalitha has become even more generous than him !!!

Our free scheme starts from the Maternity period (ie. Before a child is born) !!!

Carrying lady will get Rs.10,000 !!! Also if the lady is working, she will get a leave duration of FOUR months !!!

Once baby is born, it enters school (after some maturity)

School going child will get THREE set uniform free of cost !!! (DMK)

School going child will get FOUR set uniform free along with Slippers !!! (AIADMK)

Scholarship for students (from both Govt and private) schools will be provided (1000 - 5000 Rs) !!! (AIADMK)

All sort of Govt related certificate from Caste Certificate will be issued in school premises !!! (AIADMK)

If you reach higher secondary school, u will be gifted with Laptop too !!! (AIADMK)

Now for basic needs for school going student,

Every mother will get a Fan (to study without sweating), Mixer (to mix nicely with others)  and Grinder (to grind the syllabus) !!! (AIADMK)

Every mother will get either Mixer or Grinder !!! (DMK)

Every ration card holder will get 20Kg/month of rice free and further rice will cost Re.1/kg !!! Also all grosser item in minimum cost !!!  (AIADMK)

People below poverty line (with ration card) will get 35Kg rice free of cost every month !!! (DMK)

People below poverty line will get 20Ltrs/Month of pure drinking water !!! (AIADMK)

After satisfying his primary need(food) now comes shelter and Money...

People below poverty line(say 3 lak people) will be provided with a home constructed in 300 square feet with the total expenditure not exceeding 1 lak 80 thousand !!! Also solar power to be used in those houses !!! (AIADMK)

If you are poor and u don't have home - u are lucky enough to get THREE cent of land !!! (AIADMK)

ONE Lak rupees will be bared by Govt for constructing Concrete home !!! (DMK)

If you are poor and if you posses ration card you will be gifted with FOUR sheep !!! (AIADMK)

Once enjoying these benefit, you could enter college...

Once you enter college you will get a laptop (provided if u study in Govt college) !!! (DMK)

Once you enter college you will get a laptop even if you are from private college !!! (AIADMK)

Now coming to your health concern ...

Free Medical insurance for everyone in the family (AIADMK)

Once you finish college, Govt also cares for your marriage (but this is applicable only to females) ...

If a poor girl gets married, she will get gold for making Mangalyam !!!(AIADMK)

If the girl manage to get a diploma or degree before marriage she will get Rs.50000 along with Mangalyam !!! (AIADMK)

Poor girls will get Rs.30000 for marriage !!! (AIADMK)

Now the cycle repeats !!! In between this, you can also apply and get numerous loans which will be provided without any guarantee with a guarantee that Govt will wave it off !!!

Now say me WHY A PERSON IN TAMIL NADU SHOULD WORK ?@?@?@?!?!?!?!!?

Now there is no option left with people !!! Either of these people should be elected as Chief Minister !!! And by seeing their assurance, it really takes me to awkward situation !!! Is TN such a rich state !?!? Or will this assurance be ensured with leader's personal money ?!?!? Its time for people in TN to really think !!! Backward states like Bihar is competing and developing !!! Its also visible that, Bihar is going to be next Gujarat in near future !!! Its GDP is going to dominate !!! But if this situation continues, TN will be the poorest nation !!!

Think !!! What resource we have in TN ?!!? What is source of income !?!? How can Govt match this much money ?!!? Already plenty of free schemes have made our people lazy !?!? Is still more free schemes required ?!!?

There are CM in India who never give anything free of cost !!! But they assure you with a job !!! They increase your status by providing you a job !!! But I feel pity for TN people - because Politicians are still trying to keep we people as beggars !!!

The wording in this post might have been harsh !!! But it always pains when an antibiotic is injected !!!

Hope this post had something with it !!! Recommend this blog to your friends if u like !!! Meet u soon !!!

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  1. Greetings for this post, dear. The pain of the writer is clearly evident as the people are being made to remain as goats or as such. Their potential to work and earn is being willfully destroyed by wily politicians and intellectuals need to react to these silly tricks from these un-wanted politicians.

    It's time NGO associations call up few joint debatings on a same platform for both the contesting elements sorry parties and put these to task at length.

    HOw about the CEC...? Is it alive..? When such un-scrupulous promises are being announced....where the CEC is hiding its so-called rules.................?!